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Warning Signs Your Knee Injury Might Be Serious – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

The human body is made up of blood, flesh, and bones, and throughout life, we ​​inadvertently inflict some damage or injury that requires shorter, and sometimes longer, time to recover. How long it takes for the body to regenerate depends on ourselves, whether we have seen the signals sent by the body to let us know that something is wrong, whether we have reacted in time to any disease or injury, for the body to recover faster and the like. That is why it is important to monitor the condition of our body daily, and if we happen to notice something unusual to take some action that will help us find out first why we are in such a state, and secondly what we can do to cure that.

A great example of this would be knee injuries. Injuries to this part of the body can affect people of any age, it is not just the older generations who have this problem, and physical activity plays a big role.

Why do knee pains occur?

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Knee pain can be the result of an injury, such as a fracture, a stretched ligament, or a torn cartilage. Then if it is a medical condition, the pain may be the result of the person suffers from arthritis or infection. People who are physically active, or do some kind of sport, whether they are professional athletes or regular sports fans, at some point in their lives will certainly complain of some kind of joint pain, especially knee pain.

The cause of this pain is due to the continuous rubbing of the joint tissue, which if not resolved in time, can further cause major problems. If it is a small pain without additional symptoms, doctors say that with the help of physical therapy this problem would be solved. If you also have any knee pain, TSRG will be the solution to your problem. Their many years of experience and professional team of doctors are what you need for the recovery and rehabilitation of your body. Make sure to check them out. The services they offer are one of the best, and their quality can be evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions that their team brings.

We, humans, are too stubborn creatures when it comes to some kind of injury or pain, we would delay as much as possible the visit of a professional with the thought “I’m fine, it will pass soon”. But in reality, this should not be the case. So let’s see what are the signs of knee injuries that are considered serious and need an urgent visit to a professional who will intervene immediately.

Swelling and numbness

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This condition occurs when excess fluid builds up in or around the knee joint. In this case, if you compare the two knees you will notice how much one is significantly larger than the other, the skin is stretched and swollen. You will have difficulty standing, your knee will not support your weight and you will certainly have trouble keeping your leg straight or your knee bent. These symptoms occur if the person is overweight, has a knee fracture, torn ligaments, or is irritated by excessive movement. If he has a medical history or suffers from arthritis, some kind of infection, cyst, tumor, and so on. In such cases, doctors advise to put cold compresses and rest more, but if the swelling does not subside then medical intervention is needed.

Weakness or instability

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You know the feeling that your knee will shake and somehow you do not have the strength to stand on your feet, this can be a serious sign that something is wrong. Instability occurs as a symptom in those cases when we have a torn ligament. In addition, these symptoms occur in osteoarthritis and the disease affects the entire joint, bone, muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. It is also necessary to timely recognize the symptoms and deal with this problem. But the downside is that as time goes on for people with osteoarthritis, the condition can get worse over time.

Making crunching sounds

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You have probably noticed that during some physical activity, the joints in the knees, as well as on the rest of the body, make some crunching sounds. Sometimes this is not a good sign, especially if the squeaking is accompanied by pain. Why do our knees crack? When the articular cup is stretched, the pressure changes, and gas bubbles are released which are located in the so-called synovial fluid. The crackling sound we hear is actually the release of gas bubbles. However, if this squeaking is accompanied by pain, it means that the cartilage loses its softness and is worn out by long-term physical activity.

You are not able to straighten your knee

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There is a situation when in case of an injury a piece of bone or cartilage can fall apart and float in the space between the joints. This can cause problems in some cases and you may not be able to fully straighten your leg at the knee. Furthermore, this condition can be subjected to surgery, which could remove the piece that is stuck between the joints, for which you will need a longer recovery period.

There are many factors that affect the condition of our knees and what types of pain and symptoms we may experience. For example, the lifestyle we lead, the diet we eat, how physically active we are during the day, our posture, what sport we practice whether it is basketball, football or we are fans of skiing. Furthermore, what kind of work do we do, whether we use more physical effort or not. And from all these factors arise the symptoms that suggest that there is a problem.

So if you experience any of the above symptoms, it is your body that gives you a signal that you need to take a break from a certain activity and asks you to help it solve the problem to have a longer and healthier life. If you have any of the signs, do not procrastinate, contact your doctor and seek a solution to your problem.