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9 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Oman in 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Oman, or more precisely the Sultanate of Oman, is a country in the Middle East that borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. It is very rich in flora and fauna and inhabits animal species such as leopards, hyenas, foxes, and others. Since the climate is desert-tropical, this country is characterized by very warm summers with little rainfall.

The countries of the Orient have become highly sought-after tourist destinations, although many people avoid
traveling there, thinking that all countries are affected by the war. When we talk about Oman, the state of war should not worry you, because it does not exist in this country.

This country is very safe for tourists, and the people are friendly to them. Of course, this does not rule out petty crime on the street. What is it that we need to pay attention to when we decide to visit your country?

1. You need a visa

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The first and most important thing you will need to set foot on the soil of this country at all is a visa. You will not need a visa only if you are a citizen of GCC countries. This group of countries includes the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. In any other case, you will need a visa. Fortunately, if you visit oman-evisa.com you will get a visa in just three easy steps. All you need to do is apply online, take a few minutes, and fill out the form. You will then make an online payment for the train. The price depends on the number of days you want to spend in this country. The next thing you can expect is your online visa which will be ready within three days.

2. Oman is a very hot, but conservative country

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Now that you have a visa in your pocket, it’s time to start packing. Since we have already mentioned that temperatures are quite high throughout the year, and especially in summer, you need to bring light, summer clothes. However, you should be careful because this is a very conservative country, and although tourists are not expected to wear traditional costumes, a
slightly more conservative style of dress is required, which means that short skirts and other pieces of clothing that reveal too much skin will not be needed on this way.

If you are a woman and you plan to look for refreshments on one of the beautiful sandy beaches of Oman, it is better to watch what you wear. Of course, this does not mean that you will be arrested if you show up in a bikini, but you will be exposed to unpleasant looks and will be considered to have shown disrespect to these people. If you opt for a private beach or a hotel pool, you can wear whatever you want, but if you want to swim on a public beach, the advice is to cover as much as possible or to wear a rash-vest and swim-shorts.

3. Money in Oman

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This country has its own currency, the Omani rial, and the smaller currency is the baisas. To give you a better idea of the value of this currency, we will say that 1 Rial is approximately equal to $2.60.

4. What is the official language?

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The official language in Oman is Arabic, but the majority of the population speaks English. Hindi, Swahili, and Baluchi can also be heard very often.

5. Food and drinks

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Omani cuisine abounds with chicken, beef, traditional bread, various sauces, and salads. The most popular drink is traditional coffee (kahwa), and desserts are usually halwa and dates. Of course, there are many other specialties you can find in international restaurants. Alcoholic drinks are served only in international hotels. It is also interesting that leaving a tip is not common, although you can do it if you are satisfied with the service provided.

6. This country is perfect for an adventurous holiday

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This country abounds in many natural beauties and for lovers of active holidays is a real little paradise. Here you can hike, camp, dive, or ride a quad of endlessly long deserts and enjoy nature activities.

7. Do not decline invitations

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The Omani are very hospitable people and if a local invites you for a drink or dinner, accept. Otherwise, your gesture could be considered a reflection of rudeness. If the host happens to give you a bowl of water, what you need to do is wash only your right hand, because that is how it is eaten in this country.

8. Is Oman expensive?

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Before you even think that this country is cheap – stop! We assume that you will need a taxi to visit as many sights as possible while you are on vacation. Know that a taxi is not cheap, nor is accommodation. When it comes to food, you will be able to eat and drink quite solidly for decent money. Of course, those who like to waste money will have a place to spend it!

9. What to visit

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If you decide to travel to this country, there are places you should never miss. Although most tourists focus on touring the cities, some villages stand out with their beauty. One such is Misfat al Abryen. This is a mountain village and is all built of stone buildings. Its appearance is reminiscent of a typical Italian village. The mountains combined with palm trees and this
specific architecture will surely win the sympathy of many tourists. Ras al Jinz is by far one of the most beautiful places to swim.

It is also known for being a turtle’s nest from May to October. What would it be like to go to Oman if you don’t ride a camel or camp in the Wahiba Sands desert under starry skies? As you can see, there are many places worth visiting. What is
important is to do a little research before setting off on the trip and plan your time carefully.