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Vanessa Bryant Celebrates First Easter Without Kobe and Gianna

by Elsa Stringer

Vanessa Bryant, 37, the wife of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant, celebrated the first Easter without her beloved husband and their second-oldest daughter Gianna.

With her daughters Natalia, 17, Bianka, 3, and Capri, who is just 9 months old, she shared some adorable videos and photographs celebrating Easter at their home.


In the video, Bianka is struggling to break a giant Easter egg, so Vanessa helps her. Capri quickly joins in on the fun as soon as she notices chocolate. They look adorable in their pajamas as they try their best to crack the egg.

The video was posted on Vanessa’s Instagram profile, where she has over 13.9 million followers. It currently has more than5.8 million views, nearly 1.8 million likes, and around 40,000 comments. The caption simply reads, “Easter Treats!?Bianka & Capri.”

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The two young girls are full of excitement and happiness, as the family continuously tries their best to cope with the huge loss of Kobe and Gianna. This is the first major holiday the Bryant household is celebrating without their loved ones.


Vanessa has tried her best to carry on Kobe’s legacy for the past several months, as she continues to honor his memory by supporting his bestseller books “The Wizenard Series”. She commented recently on one of her posts, “5 championships ?????. 5 NYT bestsellers ?????. The Mamba strikes again. ?”