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Used Car Auction Tips – How To Do It

by William Gist

More and more people are starting to use car auctions to find a reliable car for cheap. However, your chances of finding an almost dead car are greater than ever. Avoid getting scammed and learn how to bid properly by reading until the end. However, the auctions we will be talking about are not the ones you have been seeing on TV where they sell Ferraris, Porsches  and Mustangs in perfect condition for just a couple of thousands of dollars. In the real world of auctions, you will be seeing 10-year-old police patrol cars like a Ford Crown Victoria, old Priuses. In other words, expect old base model pickups and plain sedans. These are all you should get for a pretty cheap price.


Interest in these auctions has increased as the economy has stagnated and credit rules have been tightened. Buyers who previously could qualify for loans on good used cars or even now find they need to shop with cash. Since the US is built around vehicles, a car in this country is a must-have since it is much easier to get jobs if you have a car and know how to drive one, so for a lot of us, a car auction is a good option. There are two types of public auctions. There are public auctions and government auctions and both have the potential to have bad cars. This is why we have made a list of a few tips to help you with your auction adventures.

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Government auctions


A government auction probably means that the county needs to get rid of their huge number of old police patrol cars. Since they end just taking up parking space, they want to sell all of it. All of these automobiles should have known history, how often has it been maintained, whether it has been in any accidents and their mileage should be always honest. You will know what you are getting. However, remember that you do not get to drive any of the cars before the auction. So you should still watch out on what you bid on.

Competition at these government auctions is brutal and it is only getting worse. Taxi companies want to use these old cruises to use them as cabs. And a lot of the police officers that have used these cars on the job have grown fond of them and want to get them back. So you will not be the only one bargaining out there.

Public auctions


These auctions used to be a good place to find yourself a good car, but now they are not a good place to buy a car at all. The only people who should bid at these auctions are those who have an exceptional eye for cars and have a lot of mechanical experience and training. If you have never fixed a car, do not go to these auctions. As these public auctions have grown popular, the number of shady cars has increased. You can find cars with over 400,000 miles, but their clocks are rolled back to around 100,000.