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Tattoo Trends: Unique Tattoo Inspirations For Women In 2024

by William Gist

Besides the timeless classics like roses or dragons, there are new tattoo trends every year. Pinterest, one of the most popular platforms on the Internet for tattoo inspiration, has once again analyzed and announced the most common search queries this year. These are the most popular motifs that women get tattooed in 2024:



In strong contrast to the tattoo sleeves, which decorate the whole arms or legs, stand the mini tattoos, which are gaining more and more popularity this year. The small, often minimalistic tattoos on the wrist are particularly common. When it comes to positioning, however, there are no limits for creativity and personal preference.



The finger tattoos are almost a subcategory of the mini tattoos. Here discreet motives or words, often with great personal meaning, are engraved on the back or inside of the finger. A particularly romantic example for this are the initials of the marriage partner on the ring finger or even a delicate line around the entire finger – as a symbolic ring in tattoo form.

Side-Breast -Tattoos


Tattoos placed next to the breast are also very popular this year. Whether larger or smaller motifs – they are always hot. They are also practical, because you can present them proudly thanks to the low-cut tops on the sleeves, but you can also hide them well if necessary.


This category is probably due to the generally growing acceptance of tattoos. What was rarely or rather seen on men in the past. Now, spills over to women: Neck tattoos. More and more courageous ladies now let their motifs decorate their necks.

Women Power Tattoos


With feminism becoming more and more popular, the number of women’s power tattoos is also increasing. No matter if symbols, lettering like “Girl Power” (often abbreviated as “GRL PWR”) or something similar – women are more and more confessed and ready to show that!


In addition to feminism, mental health has also become increasingly important in recent times. To remind themselves to be good to themselves or simply to motivate them to pursue their own dreams, many inspiring tattoos, especially in text form, will be engraved this year.



As already mentioned, especially roses belong to the classics among tattoos. Also in 2024 countless of them will be tattooed again. But not only roses are in – all flowers, no matter if lily, tulip, sunflower or any other is welcome this year and especially in the 3D look.
Source: Bad Vilbel Tattoo