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Colouring Trends 2024: Sombre Blonde – Is It Still Trendy?

by William Gist

This season, there is no shortage of colour trends that take Instagram by storm. These include innovative hair colouring methods. Take Negative Space, for example, a modern version of balayage, which involves applying a few reflections close to your face, giving you a natural effect and optically increasing the volume of your hair.


What’s more, it’s suitable for blondes and brunettes alike, and if you choose it, you won’t have to worry about roots because it only needs to be refreshed every 4-6 months. Another popular method is called Smoked Marshmallow, a shade of roasted sweet foam. This is a mixture of 3 shades of brown and a very light blonde at the ends – you can see the photos here.

Finally, the entire length of the hairstyle is treated with a cool pigment toner. The girls like these methods because they lighten the hair but do not destroy it as much as traditional colouring. If you wish

Sombre blonde – is it still fashionable?

In the previous season, sombre was by far the most popular form of bleaching hair. The method, which was created on the basis of ombre, gives subtle effects and is not so invasive. What’s more, it fits in perfectly with the trend of natural look, because after colouring the hair looks as if it became lighter under the influence of the sun.


This unforced blonde is hard to achieve, so if you’re looking for a sombre hairstyle, we recommend that you check out some of the best hairdressers who know their stuff. What exactly is this method of colouring? The hair at the roots is left in its natural colour and the ends are lightened by one or two tones. They differ slightly in shades to achieve the most natural effect. This also gives your hair volume. The natural look is still in price, so we anticipate that this season too will be one of the hottest trends in colouring 2024.

Sombre blonde is ideal for girls who would like to lighten their hair, but also expect a natural effect and want to avoid frequent dyeing. Skillfully made sombre rinses out nicely, so colour enhancement does not require frequent visits to the hairdresser.