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Unique & Humorous Gifts That Men In Your Life Will Appreciate

by Elsa Stringer

Gifting is fun unless you have to buy a present for men. Finding the perfect one for men can be quite a stressful situation that can give you nightmares. The main reason behind- men are not very vocal about their likes and dislikes. So you never know which type of gifts would impress them and which one would end up biting the dust in their wardrobes.

To all the women out there- we understand your pain and advice not to stress anymore because we have got your back. We bring to you some unique and humorous gift ideas that are ideal to delight the amazing men in your life.

Portable Pizza Pouch


It is an awesome gift idea for a pizza lover suggested by giftbeta. If you have a brother, boyfriend or a male friend who loves pizza more than anything, then this portable pizza pouch would make the perfect gift for him. It is a safe pouch that will let him take a slice of pizza everywhere he goes. The pouch will also keep the pizza fresh and secure for a very long time.

Marvel Captain America Coffee Mug

The quirky Marvel Captain America coffee mug is an awesome gift idea for men by Ferns N Petals. You can gift it to your son, brother, boyfriend or husband who is a huge fan of Captain America and admires everything he does. Having morning tea or coffee in that mug will help him start his day on a positive note. He cannot thank you enough for surprising him with such a unique present option. The funky personalised cushions, photo frames and caricatures are other exciting gift ideas for men available on this website.

Giant Fist Shaped Beer Kooler

A fabulous gift idea that will be apt for the man who likes his beer served chilled. This drink cooler comes in the shape of a giant fist, which would look quite funny when he holds it in his hand. It actually does the task of keeping the beer chilled, which he can enjoy while watching his favorite movie, football match or TV series. 

Funny Dog Lover Mug

There is a famous saying, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” An amazing gift idea from Amazon that will be suitable for the guy who loves his dog more than anything else. This funky mug will surely put a sweet smile on the recipient’s face. It will act as a daily reminder and inspire him to work hard and give his dog the best life. 

Personalised Photo Collage Tie

A personalised tie designed with the memorable pictures of friends and family members will make an appropriate gift option for a sentimental man who loves his family and would go to any extent to express his undying love for them. It is a great way to put the special memories of life on display and keep them close to heart forever. The funky tie can be paired with a number of outfits for special occasions. 

These amazing gift ideas will allow you to spread smiles among the special men in your life – but if the gift you want to buy is too expensive, you can use some unused amazon gift card codes provided by GiftCoup.