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The Hottest Sunglasses To Be Seen In This Summer

by Dangula Bingula

Perhaps sunglasses were invented to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays (several eye problems have been linked to exposure to UV), but there’s no denying that these days, they are just as much about making a style statement than they are for protection. Just like in winter, when we want the best in chic designs for a warm coat, a designer pair of sunglasses is a way for the fashion-savvy to express themselves in the summer.

So, with summer upon us, we all want to get our hands on this year’s chicest sunglasses from some of our favorite luxury labels, all of which you can find here. So, here are just some of the best summer frames that should be on your shopping list:

Ray-Ban Aviators


No matter what year it is, a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators will always top our chic list. These military-style glasses have a rich history of popularity, however, it was one man and one movie that really brought these iconic glasses to our attention. That’s right, thanks to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, aviator sunglasses become one of the most fashionable styles around. The style was popular with pilots to help reduce glare when flying, according to Business Insider, and still, prove to be popular decades later.

RA4124 Ralph by Ralph Lauren


The Ralph Lauren design is always home to chic and fashion-forward designs. So, it’s little wonder that we’ve included a Ralph Lauren sunglass design on our must-have list. With the RA4124 frames, Ralph Lauren are bringing back oversized frames.

Oversized frames tend to go in and out of fashion every few years but for 2019, oversized frames are definitely in. An incredibly easy frame to wear, large lenses are flattering for a large number of facial shapes. Plus, these Ralph Lauren frames are very versatile, looking stylish and chic on anything from a bikini to a fun dress.

TF4159 Tiffany


There’s something about the Tiffany & Co brand that just makes every girl smile. Whether you’re looking at stunning jewelry or a simple silver keyring. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing that famous Tiffany blue box, knowing what’s inside is just for you!

So, it’s of no surprise really, that the TF4159 Tiffany glasses are high on our list of essential glasses. These frames are everything you’d expect from Tiffany, with the same iconic shape of frames that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Simply putting on a pair of these sunglasses will make you feel like a million dollars.

Michael Kors St. Kitts


For fashionistas that want to make a bold statement from the sunglasses they wear, you can’t get better frames than the Michael Kors St. Kitts range of glasses. Not only are they are sparkly and sassy, but they are also a wonderful base for any summer outfit or event.

Graduating? These will look wonderful. Off to the beach? You’ll be looking at the chicest of all your friends. Just nipping to the shops for some milk? These glasses will make you look like you just walked off a runway.