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Two NFL Legends Heap Praise on Donald Trump

by Sinisav

THE MIX – 02/20/2020: Donald Trump wasn’t always on the same page as NFL players, but he received some praise from two legendary players. Among other people, Trump decided to pardon a former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. Because of this, Jerry Rice and Jim Brown spoke about POTUS in high volumes.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump pardoned Eddie DeBartolo Jr, who is a former 49ers owner. Hours after it was announced that Trump did this, Rice and Brown went public in their praise for POTUS.

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Jim Brown, who is considered as one of the best players to ever walk on the gridiron, thanked Trump and stated that DeBartolo is a great man who deserved this. Rice shared his sentiment praising the work that DeBartolo put into creating a storied franchise such as 49ers. This news comes in the wake of 49er’s loss in the Super Bowl just a few weeks ago.

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While giving his interview, Jerry Rice, a former 49ers legend, and also one of the best if not the best wide receiver in the NFL’s history, said: “It was all about family. That’s really what they stood for. And that’s the reason why I think we won so many championships. I take my hat off to Donald Trump for what he did.”

After scandals that surrounded Donald Trump following his comments on NFL players who protested during the national anthem, these words from Rice come as fresh air.

White House released a statement explaining the reasons for DeBartolo pardon. The reason why he was pardoned was because of his philanthropy work he did since the 90s. DeBartolo is a legendary figure in the NFL leading 49ers to five Super Bowls in only fourteen years during his twenty-three years as the owner. The ownership was transferred from him to his sister Denise York in 2000. He was inducted in NFL Hall of Fame back in 2016.

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