Home News Trump Will Deploy 20,000 US Soldiers to Europe! Putin Feels Threatened!

Trump Will Deploy 20,000 US Soldiers to Europe! Putin Feels Threatened!

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 02/04/2020: Donald Trump sent a subtle message to Vladimir Putin when the Department of Defense announced that 20,000 US troops would be deployed near the Russian border. As of now, Moscow declined the comment on this announcement.

This will be the most significant contingent of American soldiers in Europe in the last twenty-five years. The reason is exercises as a part of war games, which will be held in cooperation between the US and its allies. It is called Defender Europe. Moscow was immediately alarmed when this news was released. The Russian authorities asked for confirmation that their interests won’t be attacked. The chief of NATO, Mr. Stoltenberg, reassured Moscow that there’s nothing to be worried about.


Source: latest.com

The goal the US has is to strengthen bonds with its allies in the region. Joint exercises are a preparation in a case Europe’s security and freedom ever get jeopardized. The reason why the Russian administration was worried is that the part of Europe where these war games will be held is Poland. Other countries that will be a home for US soldiers are Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Russians are also concerned about the presence of the US soldiers in the Baltic region.

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The countries that will also provide soldiers for war games are France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. NATO chief also stated that the only goal these games have is the cooperation between nations and that no single country is targeted. They also want to make sure that the US army can be quick to come to Europe in a case interest of one of their allies is threatened on the Old Continent.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO chief, concluded his statement by saying that NATO is a defensive organization and that Russia or any other country has nothing to fear. But, he also added that Russia did interfere with peace and freedom in Europe in recent times with their activities.

Source: express.co.uk