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Trump Signs a Bill That Will Provide $8.3 Billion for Coronavirus Battle

by Sinisav

THE VERGE – 03/06/2020: Donald Trump is finally ready to fight the coronavirus outbreak. How do we know this? Well, President just signed a bill that will pour additional resources into fighting this virus. The US needs all the funds available to fight off the upcoming pandemic.

The sum we are talking about is much more significant than previously reported $2.5 billion. The bill, President Trump signed on Friday, weights $8.3 billion. This money is federal assistance to the health system to help them find a vaccine for coronavirus or a suitable treatment for those already infected. At first, Donald Trump asked for a smaller sum of money, but Congress, unlike President, took this threat seriously and provided a four times larger amount.

Donald Trump

Source: reuters.com

In his address to reporters, POTUS said: “We’ve signed the 8.3 billion. I asked for two and a half, and I got 8.3, and I’ll take it.”

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The money will be divided according to priorities. $2.2 billion will be used to fund prevention of the outbreak. $1 billion will be handed out to Community Health Centers in order to supply them with medical equipment and medicines. The most significant sum, more than $3 billion, will be used to research and develop the vaccine and treatments for coronavirus.

The remaining money will go to Medicare to help them open remote telehealth services for their patients and older adults aged 65 or more. The reason why remote stations will be used for people who believe they have this virus is that they wouldn’t endanger patients who use Medicare but are not in danger of coronavirus.

Unfortunately, more money and effort will be needed to stop the spreading of this virus. It can be transferred person-to-person, and this makes it truly dangerous. The virus first originated in China before it spread across the globe. At the moment, the most affected countries are Chine, where it all started, Italy in Europe, and Iran in the Middle East.

Source: theverge.com