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Trump Organization Releases More Than 1,500 Workers!

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 04/04/2020: Donald Trump is not only the President of the United States. He also kept a close relationship with his business ventures, which are at the moment led by his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Because of the coronavirus crisis, some of his properties around the U.S. are being closed. This cost some of his employees their jobs. More than 1,500 employees of the Trump organization are sent home from their posts.

Donald Trump

Source: newsweek.com

The ongoing crisis badly hurts the hotels and hospitality field. Tourism is one of the branches suffering from COVID-19 the most. Most organizations of this type are releasing their staff in an attempt to cut costs. As a consequence of coronavirus Trump’s hotels in Chicago, New York, Miami, Vancouver, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington D.C. Are releasing their staff.

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One of Trump’s properties, the Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach, asked for federal help as they are at the moment $50,000 late on rent.

President Donald Trump was asked at a press conference about his companies and how are they handling the crisis, to which he replied that there’s a chance that some of his companies would fill in for federal help.

During the last Saturday’s briefing, POTUS said: “I don’t know. I just don’t know what the government assistance would be for what I have. I have hotels. Everybody knew I had hotels when I got elected. They knew I was a successful person when I got elected, so it’s one of those things.”

The crisis is hitting hard of elements of American society, and the Trump Organization is no different.The only difference is that Trump is also President of the entire United States. A President who downplayed the coronavirus before it became a massive problem. One problem his administration is finding it hard to deal with.

Source: nypost.com