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Trump Implies That Medical Workers Could Be Stealing Face-Masks!

by Sinisav

NEWSWEEK – 04/04/2020: President Donald Trump often doesn’t pay attention when he speaks. During one of his press conferences, POTUS accused medical workers of stealing face-masks. Medical professionals asked for more masks as coronavirus crisis caused shortage, and Mr. Trump implied that there might be different issues in question. This caused anger among doctors and other medical staff.

Trump is not the only one suggesting that there’s a reason behind the shortage of face-masks. Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo indicated that there would be an investigation into possible face-masks theft.

Donald Trump

Source: bloomberg.com

Considering that New York state is one of those who have the most significant number for those infected with coronavirus feels the need for face-masks and other medical supplies the most. A shortage of them at this moment is not helping the medical workers in stopping the crisis.

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The shortage is making the medical professionals use the same masks more than once, as disposing of the used ones would leave them completely unprotected. The medical workers of New York state have applied for federal assistance in supplying them with needed equipment.

Donald Trump believes that there’s something behind the curtains as, before the crisis, the demand for masks was in the region of 20,000 pieces. Once the coronavirus pandemic started, the requests for the number of face-masks is 300,000. POTUS finds this strange.

Talking during a White House press conference last Sunday, Mr. Trump said: “How do you go from 10-to-20-to-300,000…even though this is different. Something’s going on…Where are the masks going? Are they going out the back door?”

This was not the only thing POTUS said about the situation as he later added: “I want the people in New York to check—Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio—that when a hospital that’s getting 10,000 masks goes to 300,000 masks during the same period, people should check that because there’s something going on.”

There might be something shady going on, and President wants to get the better end of it: “I don’t think it’s hoarding; I think it’s maybe worse than hoarding, but check it out. Check it out. I don’t know; I don’t know. I think that’s for other people to figure out.”

Source: newsweek.com