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Trump Declares That America is in a State of War With COVID-19

by Sinisav

METRO – 03/18/2020: Donald Trump is finally getting a grasp on the crisis, which is the coronavirus outbreak. President leaves his slow start behind and is now looking at the future and the ways of handling this situation. Today, POTUS decided it’s time to declare war on coronavirus.

During his most recent press conference, President was asked if America is at war, and Mr. Trump responded with a firm yes. POTUS stated: “I view it in a sense as a wartime president, in a sense that’s what we’re fighting. It’s a very tough situation. You have to do things, you have to close parts of an economy that six weeks ago were the best they’ve ever been. You have to close them down to defeat this enemy.”

Donald Trump

Source: businessinsider.com

While critics claim that Donald Trump was slow in entering the fight with coronavirus and the ongoing pandemic, President begs to differ. Unlike his adversaries, POTUS claims that some of his measures helped in containing the virus. The one that he singles out every time is a travel ban on China and other countries where coronavirus was on the loose. Donald Trump believes that the situation would be even worse if he hadn’t pulled the plug on travel.

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Trump also defended his decision to rename coronavirus into the Chinese virus stating that its geographical origin can’t be hidden. He also cast away accusations of it being a racial slur.

While the President claims he’s doing his best, things are getting worse every day. Almost 8,000 people are currently affected by this virus, while 117 already died. This number will only increase if drastic measures aren’t taken. It’s time, and Trump shouldn’t hesitate.

Source: metro.co.uk