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Trump Believes a Reporter Will Purposely Infect Him With COVID-19

by Sinisav

METRO – 03/11/2020: There’s an interesting story going around. Allegedly, President Donald Trump is terrified of contracting the coronavirus. His paranoia is so great that he believes that one of the reporters will try to infect him while flying in Air Force One.

According to people close to Mr. Trump, he is aware of the threat coronavirus possesses. But, he will nevertheless talk about the economy and downplay the coronavirus at his press conferences.

Donald Trump

Source: trofire.com

Sources close to POTUS also claim that President doesn’t know how to deal with the crisis. An unknown source talked to Vanity Fair and stated the following: “He’s just now waking up to the fact that this is bad, and he doesn’t know how to respond. He’s definitely melting down over this.”

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The same source claims that Trump instructed members of the Secret Service to alarm him when someone coughs close to him. POTUS believes that journalists have something against him and that one of them will contract the virus on purpose only to try to infect him with COVID-19 while he’s on a presidential airplane.

While Donald Trump has his concerns, at the same time, he tries to persuade his fellow Americans that they shouldn’t worry. At the moment, there are over 1,000 infected people in 34 states, while 31 already dies from coronavirus.

During a speech at the US Capitol in Washington DC, Tuesday, POTUS stated: “Be calm, it’s really working out. A lot of good things are going to happen… It will go away.”

While Trump sounds confident at his rallies and addressing, he really isn’t. Trump is a self-made germaphobe, and he was having a health crisis during the 2014 Ebola crisis. Sources close to him also confirmed this: “Donald is a famous germaphobe. He hates it if someone is eating nachos and dips a chip back in after taking a bite. He calls them “double dippers.”

Source: metro.co.uk