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Top MovieBox App Alternatives

by William Gist

MovieBox used to be the most popular movie streaming app but, as many disappointed customers have found, all of a sudden, it has gone. Thankfully, there are still plenty of options available, some of them free and some requiring a subscription. To make things easy for you, we did a bit of homework and found a number of apps that we think are worth using on your iOS device and a great alternative to the MovieBox app.

Top MovieBox Alternatives:

We tested all of these alternatives and can guarantee they do what they say. Be aware that some apps will show different content based on your country/region – one way to get around this is to use a good VPN on your device.

Tubi TV – Free


One of the newer alternatives, Tubi TV, offers a good range of content that is expanding on a regular basis, including movies and TV shows. A legal app, you will need a free account and a good internet connection.

Netflix – Subscription

A well-known name in streaming services, Netflix is a subscription service. It offers one of the biggest ranges of movies and TV series, from the oldies right up to the latest. It makes recommendations based on your viewing and is regularly updated with new content; you can also download some movies to watch offline.

Amazon Prime – Subscription

Another well-known name, Amazon Prime, is a subscription service that provides movies, TV series, Amazon Originals, like Good Omens and The Grand Tour, and you can choose between streaming or downloading for offline. It is updated regularly, and prices start at $12.99 per month.

Hulu – Free

One of the better-known services, Hulu, receives regular updates and offers one of the widest choices of TV shows and movies. Compatible with all major platforms, it has Chromecast support and is web-based.

Kodi – Free


A household name, Kodi, is a great app for storing all your own media for streaming whenever you want. But, with a choice of hundreds of addons, you can turn it into a personalized streaming service – movies, series, documentaries, music, news, and more. It is free to download and use, the app is legal, but the addons are in a gray legal area. You can download Kodi from the Emus4U App Store.

MediaBox HD – Free

A combination of APIs from different developers, MediaBox HD, offers a reliable service with thousands of movies, series, cartoons, Anime, and much more. It is free to download and use.

CotoMovies – Free


CotoMovies is one of the best alternatives offering users a great range of movies and TV to watch. Either stream it LIVE or download to watch offline. Although it is an Android app, it can easily be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Vudu – Free

Vudu is another top streaming app with plenty to choose from. There are movies, series, and more – it is ad-supported, but these don’t cause much interference with your viewing. It offers HDX streaming and support for Airplay, and you can stream or download for offline watching, choosing from over 10,000 titles.

HBO GO – Subscription


With the HBO app, you can watch all the HBO channels, choosing from documentaries, movies, cartoons, series, and much more.  Enjoy complete seasons of all the latest series, including The Handmaids Tale, Game of Thrones and more and there is also a good choice of stuff from external distributors too. You can also watch in HD.

MX Player – Free

With over 150,000 hours of viewing, MX Player guarantees you won’t struggle to find something to watch. It offers movies, TV series, web series, music, and a whole lot more with the smoothest of playback. Offline watching is available, and you can create watchlists, pick your language, and more.

Viu – Free


This is a little different, offering dramas and movies from South Africa. India Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. You can download to watch offline or stream direct, and you can watch in full HD. You get a choice of languages for subtitles, Viu originals and there is a notification system for new episodes of series and shows.

With MovieBox now a dim and distant memory, there are plenty of alternatives, and these represent some of the very best. There really is something for everyone here, with all genres and tastes catered for and, although some require a subscription, you really do get your money’s worth.