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Top Benefits of the Wound Dressing Home Services for the Older Adults

by Dangula Bingula

The older adults are more susceptible to injuries and accidents than younger ones. We often worry about taking care of our parents, but our busy schedules often make it difficult for us to carry out the same for them. But the availability of wound dressing services by Portea.com at home now has made it quite natural for us to look after the older ones at home.

About wound care


It is not possible for the older ones as well as for any of us to always rush to the medical facilities for the treatments of our wounds. Hence, many medical organizations have come up with different kinds of home services for the benefit of patients.

One such service that makes our daily life more comfortable and more accessible is the availability of home wound care services from the leading experts in the medical field. The home care services provide us the opportunity to enjoy both guidance as well as medical assistance suited to all kinds of wounds without going outside our residence.

Benefits of wound care services:


The top few advantages of wound care services are:

  • Provides information about different kinds of wounds

With such services, you and your family are educated about the different types of injuries and their appropriate treatments. You also get the chance to learn about the suitable first aids needed to be given to various wounds depending on their condition for fast recovery.

  • Faster healing

Whether the wounds are post-surgical or from any injuries, the wound care techniques help you to heal faster even at your home. You do not have to travel to the hospital for a minor cut or a wound anymore. Thereby you can save your time as well as your valuable energy and money considerably. Also, such services promote faster healing when you can relax in your bedroom without having to worry about hospital bills anymore.

  • Prevent different kinds of complications

In case of deep wounds, you need to get the regular dressing to keep away from any infection. Hence, in such situations, home wound care services can help you to prevent many infections without any complications. You can have an appointed nurse at your home for the services that can always help you out with the regular dressing and other wound care processes.

Importance of elderly care services


The old age is sensitive and highly susceptible to infections and other health disorders. At this stage of life, people require proper care and attention to put a check on such health disorders from time to time. However, in many situations, it is tough to get such care for older adults. In such cases, people often look out for the specialized elderly care services available in the market. So, here are some of the top logics why one must procure such services for themselves or their loved ones:

  • Advanced quality of living

As your beloved ones age, you often worry about losing them with time. You want to provide them with all kinds of comfort and happiness. With such services, you offer them an opportunity to enjoy their lives without any worries of getting sick or any health disorders. You can now ensure the safety and security of your loved ones’ lives with such home care services and thereby enhance their quality of living to a certain extent.

  • Total comfort for your parents

Another important reason why you must hire older care services for your parents is to provide them the ultimate comfort. You never want to see them in pain or suffering from any disorders. Hence, hire these services to make sure that they are comfortable and safe from any diseases or pathogens.

  • Peace and stability in life

Another reason why you need to hire older care services is to provide yourself as well as your loved one’s peace of mind. As they age with time, they always fear to lose you or their spouses. Do not let your parents ever feel like this. Let them know that how they are well taken care of by you and appropriate health specialists.

Apart from these reasons, you also need to consider the wellbeing of your parents and hence hire these services for them. With age come various kinds of complications which can even turn fatal with time. So, to keep a tab on these, hire these specialized services for the seniors in your family today!

If you need post-surgical care, elderly care, chronic care, tracheostomy, wound care, injections, IV infusions, vaccination or other nursing assistance urinary catheterisation care, get highly qualified and experienced nurses at your service in your address.

What does Home Nursing Care mean?


Home nurse services include a range of healthcare services that can be provided at the comfort of your home.

In-home nursing services are more effective and the patient gets proper attention at their own home around their own family.

These services are provided by registered physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists. You can be assured of the quality of service provided by the home nurse.

The main objective of home nurse service is to treat an illness or wound. The home nursing services generally provide care for pressure sores or surgical wounds, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies and monitoring serious diseases or illnesses and unstable health conditions.

What are the advantages of Home Nursing Care?


  • There are a lot of benefits for home nursing care. Patients gets better sooner and responds to treatment when they are around their own people and at their comfortable surroundings.
  • In the absence of family members to take care of a patient, health care nurses do so with more expertise.
  • Nursing care at home is also very helpful for managing chronic health conditions and unnecessary hospitalization can be avoided.

Home care nursing begins only when a doctor recommends it. It is crucial that a patient sees a home nurse just one would for a doctor.