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Affordable Alaska Adventures: Best Cheap Cruises for 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Are you an adventure junkie? Then you know very well the feeling of exploring the unknown wilderness around the world. You know well that feeling of enjoying the view, while the sun warms you and you absorb the necessary vitamin D.

Traveling for the first time to these amazing places hidden from civilization can provide you with many fun activities. Climbing mountains to their highest peaks, kayaking down rapid rivers, or exploring forests and the whole world hidden within them are just a small part of those activities.

Does just the thought of these activities make you think that now is the right time to embark on another crazy and unforgettable adventure? To travel to a new destination, a place that is unknown to you, and have the best time ever.

If this is what you need now, to leave your worries behind for a moment and enjoy life, then Alaska is the destination you are looking for. The first thought to choose Alaska as a destination may seem like an illogical idea.

Because although there are quite a few places that you must visit, this trip will not be cheap. But you could never be more wrong in your life, because there are countless cheap Alaska cruise small ship adventures that you can enjoy. And today we will present you with several of them.

Alaska is home to towering mountain ranges, vast open forests, and tundra. If you’re looking for the ultimate wilderness one-of-a-lifetime experience, this is the place to visit.

If you choose this destination for your next trip, you must know one very important thing, and that is that Alaska is a place that you can visit almost all year round.

This is because throughout the year there are a variety of activities that you can do while you are there. So you don’t have to think too much and book your stay right away.

You can discover unheard-of wildlife and pristine landscapes that haven’t been touched by humans for centuries. You’ll be able to hike among glaciers and soar above pristine lakes on a glacier mountaineering expedition.

This is just the beginning of all the fun you can have. But let’s see which are the cheapest cruises that won’t break your budget.

Kodiak wildlife cruise

Kodiak wildlife cruise

Source: travelalaska.com

Being one of the most popular cruises in the world, this tour can give you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet, as well as gain a new perspective on the wildlife and the uniqueness of it all.

While these inexpensive adventures offer the opportunity to learn many new things about Alaskan wildlife, there are some things that you must be extremely careful about. In no case do not stay alone after sunset, because in the dark late hours, the animals are quite active, and you would not want to meet face to face with them alone.

And while enjoying the day tour, always have your phone or camera with you so you can take amazing photos of the view and the wildlife that inhabits Alaska.

What will surely remain in your memory from this visit are the stories that the tour guide has prepared for you. Experienced tour guides know more about Kodiak Island’s wildlife than anyone else except maybe the animals themselves.

Alaskan glaciers

If you have never seen a glacier live before, then you must participate in such an excursion. If the weather conditions are on your side, then be ready to witness one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen.

Some say it can take your breath away. These tours will be less and less present in the future, and this is due to the climate changes that have occurred in the last few years.

So if you don’t want to miss this opportunity and see one of the most beautiful ice fields in the world, then book your cruise right away.

Small islands trip

Small islands trip in Alaska

Source: encirclephotos.com

If there’s one thing adventurers love, it’s exploring new territories. Alaska is the right place for this activity, as it offers more than 2,000 small islands waiting to be explored. What awaits you on such a tour?

Volcanic formations, beautiful beaches, beautiful nature untouched by civilization, spectacular landscapes, diversity of plants and animals, new cultures, hot springs, waterfalls, and many other things await you.

Let’s not forget to mention that on some of the islands, you will be able to try some of the most beautiful seafood specialties. On a tour like this, all your senses will be touched. Sailing from one island to another, you will feel free and relaxed like never before in your life.

Alaska is a great place to book a cruise for many reasons. The first reason is the large number of activities you can enjoy while there. This includes the winter sports you can participate in, such as skiing, snowboarding, or skating. A second reason you should do this is because cruisers are suitable for everyone.

Whether you want to travel alone, with friends, with family or you want to spend your honeymoon like this, it is enough to be a lover of nature and outdoor activities, we do not doubt that you will not like it. These tours are ideal for families with children, as almost the whole day will be filled with fun activities.

Little ones will love exploring nature and animals, they will try kayaking for the first time and love it, they will see the northern lights for the first time and have a campfire on the beach.

And the third and most important reason is that these trips can be cheap if you book yours in time. Instead of spending money on material things that might give you happiness for a few moments, invest in trips that will fill you with experiences and incredible stories.


Alaska Cruise

Source: travelalaska.com

If you want to see the world in its best light, pack your bags and immediately book one of the best cruise tours that you will find on the link above.

They will be worth every dollar you spend, as they will leave you a better and more complete person in the end.