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Top 10 Celebrity Feuds That Are Impossible to Forget

by Nebojša Vujinović

Being a celebrity by no means guarantees a calm and peaceful life. The celeb feuds we’re about to show you are proof of our claim. In this article, we’re going to cover rap battles, Hollywood fights, and various other exchanges that celebrities allowed themselves. Most of them shouldn’t have walked down this lane, but here we are. Let’s see which people just couldn’t get along.

Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie

It was easy to tell that Paris is going to be on this list. The famed daughter of Hollywood didn’t shy away from various controversies. The Simple Life reality TV Show brought these two together and they were friends for a long time. What was a major friendship in 2003 was no longer in 2005. It all started when Hilton omitted Richie from her SNL gig, only to have Nicole share her private video with people. Despite all of this, the two get along now that time has healed all wounds.

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Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West

This one was hard to watch. It is not like Taylor to enter this type of discussion that turns into fights. But she and Mr. West got on the wrong side of each other. The feud started in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Swift during a VMA speech. West analogized, and Taylor wrote him a song called Innocent. Bur, the treaty didn’t last for long. In 2016, Kanye shook Swift’s world with his song Famous. The two got into an altercation because of the lyrics of the song. It all couldn’t have passed without Kim Kardashian, so it’s no surprise the dust still hasn’t settled.

Source: bbc.com

Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City was a brilliant TV Show carried on the backs of these two actresses. While on-screen chemistry was never in doubt, personal issues weren’t as easy to handle. It all started when the idea of Sex and the City 3 was too much for Kim. The two stars couldn’t even make amends when Kim’s brother passed away and Parker sent her condolences which were rejected by Cattrall.

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Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj

It’s hard to make friends on the US music scene it would seem. Just like with Kanye and Taylor it all started at the VMA awards. After a few carefully selected words about Minaj before the awards, Nicki responded during her acceptance speech. The feud didn’t stop after the awards but continued in almost each of their interviews at the time. Cyrus even called Minaj out in one of her songs called Cattitude.

Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This one goes under the definition of feuds. Two big men going at each other throats, that’s what Hollywood wants to see. It all started in 2017 when The Fate of The Furious was filmed. Back then, The Rock had a thing or two to say about his co-stars. While he called them all out, he backed down and praised the crew, well everyone but Vin Diesel. On the other hand, we have Diesel who claims that all is good between them. But one standalone movie for Johnson in Diesel’s franchise, and the Fast 9 done without Dwayne. Yeah, we believe you, all is well. Not!

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Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

Well, it would seem that Taylor Swift is no longer Mrs. Nice. After West, she also got into it with Perry. The two were good friends back in the day. But, in 2014, a couple of dancers left Swift’s Red Tour and went to work for Katy’s Prismatic Tour. Swift took this personally, and the song Bad Blood followed. Perry didn’t remain idle but stroke back with Swish Swish. Luckily for fans who would love to see these two collaborate, they made peace in recent years, and are once again good girls.

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Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

The world of modeling is a tough one for sure. The two girls were at each other’s throats back in the 90s. It all started when Banks didn’t feel welcomed to the industry by her peer. When recalling the events back in the day Tyra said: “As much as I was booking every single fashion show, people didn’t know I was going home at night crying my eyes out because a woman I was looking up to seemed like she just didn’t want me to be there.” While they reconciled during the years, in more recent memory, it would seem they’re back at it with Campbell sharing an interesting article titled Here’s Why Fans Are Starting To Think Tyra Banks Is The Real Mean Girl, Not Naomi Campbell.

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Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera

Disney brought many children stars to this world and these two took that road to stardom. The girls from the Mickey House Club grew up together, but with time they became girls, and there came boys. They have become infatuated with Justin Timberlake, but unlike Chicago Bulls, this triangle didn’t work for them. But, with time as the two grew even more, the feud was left behind, and they’re good friends. Spears even received support from Aguilera in her fight against her father.

Source: elle.com

Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Female rappers know how to rap and sing, and they know how to fight. These ladies learned how to stand up for themselves early on. The two started a war through songs, that escalated into a physical altercation. Cardi B even threw a shoe at Minaj at New York Fashion Week. They continued it on social media networks, before sitting down on a truce that still holds.

Source: bbc.com

Kanye West vs. Jay-Z

West can’t get along with too many people, and it would seem his favorite targets are his colleagues from the music industry. It all started with a West rant about Jay-Z, which quickly turned into an exchange through songs. What was a massive friendship back in the 90s, was no more in 2016. One year later, Jay-Z decided to shed some light on their relationship: It’s a complicated relationship with us. Kanye came into this business on my label. So I’ve always been like his big brother. And we’re both entertainers. It’s always been like a little underlying competition with your big brother … But it’s gonna, we gonna always be good.”

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