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Tips On Finding High-Quality Tiles

by William Gist

Choosing tiles for your house can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. There are various things to think about, like the color, style, size, and texture that you can choose from. However, once you find the tiles that you like, how can you know that they will fit your house décor style?

Choosing a tile floor that will match your style and taste, as well as complement your décor will require a lot of thinking about the location, size, shape, color, surface pattern, layout, and spacing. Hence, in this article, you will be able to read how to choose the best tiles for your home. Let’s take a look.


The Location

Tiles are water-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain, hence it makes it a good material for your bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. But, not every tile will suit the rooms in your home. The first choice you should make is to choose tiles that are practical, as well as safe. Instead of using tiles that have a smooth surface and that get slippery, use textured tiles for your bathroom floor. For you entryway or hallway, textured tiles can be difficult to clean, hence, smooth tiles are a better choice. For rooms that are used the most, like the kitchen, use durable porcelain tiles that are resistant to scratches and breaking. Once you choose the tile type, it is time to choose the color.

The Color

The color you choose will influence the overall feel of the room, hence choosing the right color is important. Darker tiles will add warmth, however, make sure that you have an open area with a lot of light in order to keep the tiles from overwhelming the area. You could opt for chocolate brown or navy in large kitchen areas. If your goal is to make the room look larger, choose lighter shades. Pastel or cream floors will make narrow areas or the guest bathroom larger. However, the tiles you choose do not have to be in one solid color and this is where the pattern comes in.


The Pattern

There is a wide range of patterns to choose from. In order to match most décor types, use stone-patterned tiles. Make sure that the pattern will not influence the whole feel of the room. Marbled surfaces add a plain look, hence keep the size of your home in mind. According to Kentucky Tile Closeouts, you should not choose patterned tile flooring in areas where you have patterns on the walls. The double patterning will make the room look crowded and neither design will look proper. Whether you opt for a bold or subtle patter, you should also consider the size.

The Size

Larger ones will make a smaller area look larger, which makes them perfect for most rooms. Smaller tiles will make a room feel more intimate, but small tiles should be used with caution. They have more grout line, which might add a more complex look to the room design. Larger ones are easier and quicker to install, a thing worth considering when hiring an expert to install your floor.


The Layout

Like the patterns, the layout can be complex or simple and it will mostly depend on what you want your room to look like. To make a small area look bigger, use a layout such as brick, straight, or diamond. This will be great since they will make the room look bigger, as well as work great with rooms that have a complicated design or color. If you want to make the room look eccentric, choose a bold layout like herringbone, checkerboard, or Versailles.


Choosing the right tile layout might be overwhelming and complicated, by with the right combinations of texture, size, layout, color, and pattern, you will be able to choose the perfect tiles for your home. If you are interested more about this topic, check out this site.