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Should You Buy a Bouquet or a Flower?

by William Gist

Buying flowers is definitely a romantic thing, and buying a bouquet has its own benefits as well. We usually buy flowers or bouquets to give our loved ones. They are intended for the special lady in our lives but we can give flowers to friends and family alike. With so many flowers to choose from, and so many combinations to form a bouquet, how would we know what to buy? And how would we know which combination of flowers should we give to our wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, etc.

While it would seem that the most reasonable thing for a man to do is to ask, but that would give away the surprise. So fear not, loving men out there, as we are going to tell you if you should buy a bouquet or a flower and in which situation should eighter be done.


If you are in a long-term relationship

If you’re in a long-term relationship then you should always go for the bouquet. While every woman out there would tell you not to spend money on her, we all know how happy she would be when she sees a bouquet. For the choice of flowers in the bouquet, we suggest you pick roses. Roses are a sign of love, after all, they’re also known as the lover’s rose. But if you’ve been giving roses for the past few years, you could always choose another flower.

According to flower experts at floraqueen.it, red roses are the best ones, but orange ones are more exotic. If you don’t fancy roses, you can always go for a variation of themes. Tulips are also another type of flower that will go best in your bouquet if you combine it with other flowers. A mix of red tulips and orange roses will look stunning in a bouquet, and you can even add a layer of peonies to further emphasize your love to your lady.

If you just started dating


Not everyone is in a long-term relationship, so not everyone gets a bouquet. If you’ve started dating a few months ago, then you should never go for the bouquet as it can come off as too much. So because of that, always pick a single flower, not too meaningful but not too dull. Women love roses; it all comes down to roses. A single rose is an excellent choice for this situation. You could go for the red color, that will cause to spice things up in your relationship, or you could go for another color that will tell a story, but not the whole.

For a first date


Romance is in the air, in this case, and what better way to show off that you’re a true gentleman on your first date than with a flower. Yes, you guessed it, first dates never go well with bouquets. So your best course of action would be to buy her a flower. Roses, tulips, peonies, the list is endless. But we suggest a unique flower such as the daisy will be your best shot. It symbolized innocence and friendship. You might be super into her, but you don’t want to come off as a weirdo.