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5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Cash Flow in College

by Jeon

With limited time to work, college can easily be the most cash-strapped portion of a young person’s life. Some students choose not to work in college and count on loans for rent and groceries. This is fine, but you may wish to avoid taking out any more loans than necessary. Here, we share five ways students can make more money while earning your degree.

1) Get a Part-Time Job On (or Very Near to) Campus


A part-time job won’t intrude too heavily on your class schedule and can keep a modest cash flow that will cover at least a few of your expenses. By choosing a job on or near campus, you will eliminate the time needed to commute, saving more time for studying or sleeping in. Some campus jobs only need you to sit at a desk until someone needs help, so you may even squeeze in some homework while on the clock.?

2) Hire Yourself Out as a Tutor


If you excel at a certain subject, tutoring can be an excellent way to capitalize on it. Can you explain calculus to freshman and save them from flunking? Can you edit papers? Tutoring pays well by the hour, which means a fairly decent payoff with minimal time input, making it the perfect way to earn a decent student income while making it on time to class.

3) Freelance Online

Freelancing online is a great option for students because it fits easily around a hectic student schedule. Some online freelance work such as web design, graphic design, and even writing can pay very well by the hour. Many students can make enough to cover most of their expenses (if they live frugally) with fewer than twenty hours a week.?

4) Always Resell Your Textbooks


College textbooks are rarely worth hanging on to once the semester is over. You likely paid several hundred dollars for your books up front. Why not flip those books and at least recoup your loss? Don’t sell through your campus bookstore, as this is usually the work deal. Instead, sell online through eBay or Amazon to keep more money in your pocket. Use this money towards your next round of textbooks, or your weekly groceries.?

5) Apply for Scholarships and Grants

There are many scholarship and grant programs out there designed to offset the burden of college tuition. Do a thorough search and apply to whatever you are eligible for. Keep your eyes peeled for any grants or awards posted on your department’s bulletin board. This is unlikely to cover your entire tuition, but it can certainly help offset the burden.

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Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck


The biggest consideration you need to make when finding work in college is time constraints. Therefore, you want to work fewer hours, and have each of those hours count for more. Studies are demanding and they must take priority in your schedule. Choose your sources of income wisely based on minimum input for maximum output and flexibility in schedule.