Home Health Tips for Treating Back Pain During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing but difficult time in any woman’s life. There will be a significant amount of body changes that can cause physical pain and discomfort, especially when it comes to your back. The weight that you carry around your abdomen will put increased pressure and strain on your lower back and as your body mass moves more forward, your upper back will compensate by shifting backwards. You may also experience your neck moving forward in response.

These changes can cause you intense pain in your back, neck, and even headaches – click here to read more about what kind of pain you may be experiencing while pregnant. Keep reading if you’re looking for some advice on how to treat or at least alleviate some of your back pain.

 Stay Active


If you had an exercise routine before getting pregnant then that’s great. Your body should be more limber, stronger, and overall better prepared to take on the weight of carrying a baby. And just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop exercising – stick with your routine, but make sure not to push yourself to do something that gives you more pain or makes you uncomfortable.

Swimming is actually considered a great way for pregnant women to exercise, as it will cause the least amount of physical stress on your body. The water supports your extra weight, which can be a relief, and also helps you feel cool if you find that other forms of exercising leave you hot and sweaty.

 Visit a Chiropractor


Chiropractors can provide you with adjustments during your pregnancy as well as after to help treat your pain. The first thing they will do is discuss exactly where and what your pains are and what your primary concerns are. Then, they’ll do some non-invasive examinations like taking a look at your posture or how you are moving. They’ll use specialized tables made for pregnant women so that you won’t have to move a lot, and are designed to elevate pressure from parts of your body.

Your chiropractor will also give you specific exercises to do which will help restore balance to your body and correct some of the postural issues associated with pregnancy or postnatal issues.

Use Deep-Breathing Methods


When you’re pregnant your organs get squished together, sometimes making it difficult to breathe and reducing your rib cage movement, which can lead to back pain. If you practice deep breathing techniques you can expand your rib cage and help return it to its normal movements.

There are other advantages to deep breathing like strengthening your muscles and your lungs. Take a look at the different breathing exercises that you can do to strengthen different parts of your body and make your pregnancy a smoother one.

If you keep at the above techniques and create a regular habit out of them, you’ll be sure to see improvements to your pregnancy-related back pain. Always remember to contact a professional if you experience unusual pains or are not sure whether or not an exercise will work for you.