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Baby At 8 Weeks Pregnant

by Dangula Bingula

The 8th week of pregnancy is just as important as the rest of the weeks since there are various developments taking place in the formation of the baby. The rate of growth is actually quite amazing this week with the baby adding a millimeter to its length every single day. At the beginning of the week the baby is likened to a large size raspberry and is looking less and less like a reptile and more like a human.


This is because the tail like form the embryo had initially has disappeared and the webbed fingers and the toes will soon be separating and lengthening. You will notice that other areas such as the facial features including the nose, lips and eyes have slowly taken form during this week and so have the legs and arms. The hearts beat is standing at an impressive 150 beats per minute but this is considered quite natural. It is actually beating twice that of an adult. This week the baby is also making movements with the arms, legs and the tiny trunk but it is still too early for you to feel anything.


The skin is still very thin and veins are still very much visible. The eye retina begins to develop pigmentation and this will leave the eyes looking open. The eyelids are also growing but are yet to be fused. This means that they will remain open closed for several more weeks.  Internal organs are developing well and some are fully developed but growing at the same time and becoming more functional. They include the kidneys and the liver.

According to this website randomstuffido.com, with all these developments, baby at 8 weeks pregnant is doing well and is headed to the right direction. An ultrasound can help you in seeing all these developments and the scan could also be used to determine the due date. There are two methods which can be used so that you can get to see the images of the baby growing inside of you. There is the trans-vaginal and the trans-abdominal ultrasound. For both, special devices are used to transmit the baby images to a monitor from where you get the chance to observe.


This week you also need to ensure that you are eating well, getting enough rest but at the same time also getting enough mild exercises. You could still be battling the various symptoms that come with the week considering that the baby is also making great progress. By keeping with the proper eating and exercising guidelines during pregnancy, you will find it easier to cope with the symptoms and all the changes that are taking place inside and outside.


It is important to note what is normal and abnormal during this week so that you can get the medical attention that you need early enough to save an otherwise bad situation. Some symptoms could be an indication that something is wrong with your baby or maybe that the development is not taking place as it should and hence need to be reported to the doctor immediately for assistance.