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Top 8 Bitcoins Podcasts You Must Follow In 2024

by Tracy Finke

Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways to stay up to date on almost everything in recent years. You can discover a podcast that matches all of your demands, from social media to sports to current events to movie reviews, and listen to them whenever you want. The same traits make podcasts one of the finest methods to stay up to date with crypto news and developments.

Because bitcoin and blockchain are two of the hottest businesses right now, reading lengthy articles can be difficult and time-consuming for many people.

You can get knowledge through your passive or active listening habits if you choose the correct crypto podcasts.
It’s perhaps unavoidable, then, that crypto podcasts will become one of the most important sources of news and information in the cryptocurrency space—and there are plenty to pick from.

1. Unchained

img source: coingeek.com

Laura Shin, a crypto and blockchain journalist, hosts Unchained, a cryptocurrency podcast. Laura has a long experience in crypto, so this podcast (together with her other one, Unconfirmed) is a must-listen for anyone interested in the sector. Laura was the first mainstream reporter to cover crypto assets full-time as a former senior editor at Forbes.

The podcast is released once a week and lasts one hour. Interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the bitcoin sector, including founders, CEOs, and attorneys, are featured in each episode. Personal accounts of how people became involved with cryptocurrency, investment advice, taxes, security, and other topics are covered.

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2. Market Meditations

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One of the reasons individuals are interested in cryptocurrencies, aside from the sheer potential of blockchain technologies, is that they want to gain financial and professional freedom. Market Meditations was founded with this goal in mind: to encourage people to live richer lives by sharing stories from fascinating people in the bitcoin community.

While Market Meditations covers a wide range of current cryptocurrency subjects, from Decentralized Finance to NFTs, Koroush’s podcast takes a different approach. His podcast distinguishes out because of the highly individualized approach he takes.

3. Crypto 101

Crypto 101 is a podcast that can help you learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Bryce Paul, a crypto business development pro, and Aaron Malone, a crypto advisor, and researcher, are the hosts.

Each episode of the podcast focuses on a different aspect of cryptocurrencies. Some episodes, such as episode 365, Trading 101 with Avi Felman from Blocktower, are actual beginner’s instructions. Other episodes feature guests who can give you a behind-the-scenes look at companies, cryptocurrency studies, and more.

Depending on the episode, you can expect to spend anywhere from 25 minutes to over an hour listening to this weekly podcast. In between podcast episodes, you can join an email list to receive more information, tips, and tricks from the hosts.

4. Decrypt Daily

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Trying to stay on top of the latest cryptocurrency news can be hard at times. Every day, new projects and trends emerge in the sector, which advances at the speed of light. If you’re having trouble keeping track of these changes, The Decrypt Daily is a great place to start.

The podcast’s host, Matthew Aaron, guides listeners through themes such as financial markets, economics, and the newest developments in the cryptocurrency business. Coinbase’s valuation and the class-action lawsuit launched against bitcoin hardware wallet firm Ledger are two recent themes.

One of the best parts about Decrypt Daily is that it can cram a lot of information in its episodes which are usually 20 to 30 minutes long. Unlike most podcasts, the Decrypt Daily attempts to ensure that episodes are brief and timely but ensuring quality is never jeopardized.

Concise, informative, and easy, this podcast is excellent for individuals with time constraints.

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5. Stephan Livera Podcast

The Stephan Livera Podcast is one of the most popular Bitcoin podcasts on the internet. Because Livera is a top Bitcoin influencer, it’s no wonder that his podcast is ranked similarly. He’s one of the co-founders of Ministry of Nodes, a startup that aims to educate and advise those who are new to Bitcoin.

The podcast takes a similar approach, offering listeners with educational resources, conversations, and interviews. Several high-profile guests appear on the podcast, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, etc.

6. Invest Like the Best

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Hash Power is a three-part audio documentary series created by Invest Like the Best that covers the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency investing through interviews with industry professionals. This podcast is excellent for learning about the business and financial ramifications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Leading investors in the sector explain how to value tokens in the second part of the series, as well as what would entice the world’s top banks and hedge funds to invest in the market.

7. What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did is an interview-centric podcast hosted by bitcoin miner and trader Peter McCormack, who interviews industry professionals from all around the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The podcast debuted in late 2017, intending to interview anybody involved in the crypto ecosystem, including traders, venture capitalists, miners, journalists, CEOs, technical experts, and investors, among others, who are motivated to see digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, expand.

8. Unconfirmed

img source: masterthecrypto.com

Unconfirmed is a bitcoin podcast that provides you with quick but comprehensive content rather than extended interviews.
This podcast’s episodes are only 20 minutes long and provide listeners with easily digestible content. Unconfirmed is about bringing in industry professionals to share their knowledge, make forecasts, explain why some cryptocurrencies are better than others, and more.

The descriptions are succinct, pleasant, and simple to comprehend. It also saves time because you don’t have to listen to long-form speeches for an hour or more.


Obviously, there are more than eight podcasts discussing cryptocurrency. However, this article is a compilation of the most fascinating ones. So, put on your headphones and relax!