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Donald Trump Shows Support to Iran Protesters in Farsi Tweet

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 01/12/2020: Donald Trump was quick to turn the page on Iran. After ordering the killing of the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, he now shows support for Iran protesters. Mr. President tweeted his support for them in both Farsi and English.

President Trump became even more famous after he started using Twitter to promote his politics. His tweets are usually controversial, and he’s shown the world that he doesn’t hold back when using this platform. One of his most recent tweets was published in both Farsi and English. It was later re-tweeted more than hundreds of times.

Donald Trump

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POTUS praised protesters in Iran who were on the streets to show their dissatisfaction towards Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Trump called those who were on the streets’ brave and suffering.’

In his tweets, Donald Trump wrote that the people of Iran had his support ever since he was elected President. According to Mr. President, the support will remain from both him and his entire administration. We will follow the protest in Iran, and the courage of Iranian people will inspire Americans concluded the President.

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Yesterday during the evening, the Iranian government admitted that they are responsible for the shooting of Ukrainian civil airplane, which killed 176 passengers who were abroad the plane. Iran claims that the action was unintentional and that it happened due to man’s mistake.

Javad Zarif stated that even if taking the plane was not done on purpose, it was Trump’s attack on general Soleimani, which triggered the action. According to Zarif, it was a human error that caused the airplane crash and the death of its passengers, but that nonetheless, the US is to be blamed.

While there are people who believe that Trump’s sentiment was not genuine, his tweet is making the rounds on the internet anyway. As of now, Mr. President’s tweet in Farsi is the most liked Persian tweet ever.

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