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A Group Of People Chased Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck While They Walked In Italy

by Nebojša Vujinović

The famous couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck used their free time after the singer’s birthday to get off the yacht and go for a walk around the city, and passers-by, delighted with their appearance, started chasing them to take pictures of them.

Ever since they renewed their relationship, the singer and the Hollywood actor have had no peace from the paparazzi wherever they go. It seems that their efforts to hide are not successful.

American singer Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, were filmed on Capri in Italy, where they were walking through the old town, and on that occasion they were accompanied by a large group of people. A video of their walk and a failed attempt to be alone appeared on social networks.

The video shows the two of them trying to walk around the city, while people enthusiastically walk past them, chasing them for autographs and pointing phones. Their romantic walk was everything but romantic.

Not everyone was delighted with the behaviour of the people who were eagerly trying to take a picture with a couple. Some comments below the video are pointing out how stressful and horrifying must be for Ben and J.Lo to walk down the street.

“Horrible that they can’t even go out in public & all the people have to gawk at them … no privacy !!!” wrote one person, while the other pointed out that no one is wearing a mask, “Where the mask and distancing the delta variant is spreading now how come no safety here not even for Jlo.”

Ben and Jennifer were engaged 17 years ago, and this year in April they started seeing each other again. The once popular couple has been called Bennifer for miles, and the media attention they now enjoy, whether they like it or not, no longer matters because people simply adore them. Ever since they were seen together, paparazzi are spying on them, and everything they do. Many are happy with the couple being together again, while some other think that J.Lo’s children are not very fond of Ben.