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Eyelashes are the most crucial part of your face. They can create or break the whole makeup look of your face. They are primarily required for warding off the eyes and keep dust, sand, debris, and moistures away from eyes. However, for women, lashes became a locality of the style statement. The longer and denser the lashes, the higher it’s thought of within the fashion world. This is often the most reason why ladies have become crazy concerning long lashes. The necessary issue to notice is that the lashes are equivalent to the scalp hair. It follows an analogous cycle of falling and regrowth

Why are my lashes falling out?

Losing one two lashes is normal and should not be much of a concern. Lashes follow a growth cycle and to fall out occasionally is normal.  However, if you notice an unusual loss of lashes then you’ll need immediate medical attention. There will be several reasons for the shedding of lashes. A number of them are pretty traditional and don’t need to worry you. Whereas, some reasons may be serious and require a doctor’s intervention. Some of the disorders, which lead to loss of lashes include:

Alopecia areata


It is one of the main reasons for hair loss. It is an immune disorder, wherein the immune cells destroy the hair follicles. This sooner or later will cause hair loss. It will affect the hair of any a part of the body such as the eyebrows, scalp, eyelashes, or other body hair. There’s no cure for this disorder as of currently. However, some topical solutions will suppress the symptoms.

Thyroid problems

Another main reason for detachment of hair is thyroid. Both the conditions, hypo and hyperthyroid causes thinning of hair. This disorder affects hair by making it brittle and dry.



It is a disorder concerning the eyes. Patients suffering from this disorder, experience reddening and itching in eyes. The inflammation affects the lashes. In many cases, the root cause of lash loss is the constant scratching and rubbing of the eyes.

Skin conditions


Many skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema can be the reason for falling out of lashes. These disorders make the skin around the eyes itchy. Hence, people tend to scratch the skin, which damages the hair follicles.

Other conditions

Some other causes of losing your lashes can be stress, anxiety. Hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficient can also make the lashes thin and scarce. Chemotherapy, l side effects of medicines, aging can lead to thinning of lashes. Other reasons include harsh chemicals in mascaras, eyeliners, or other beauty products.

Will my lashes ever grow back?


You may be happy to listen to the solution of this question. Yes, lashes do grow back after falling out unless the hair follicles are destroyed. The lashes go through a three-phase cycle. The first phase is the anagen. During this part, the lashes grow to their most potential. Anagen phase lasts for almost 30-45 days. The next phase is the catagen. In this part, the hair follicles may go smaller in size. As a result, your eyelashes will stop growing. If your lashes fall out throughout this part then they’ll take longer to grow back. The last phase is the telogen. It is the resting phase in which the hair growth is completely stagnant. If the lashes fall out in this phase, it will take 100 days for them to grow back.

How long will it take my lashes to grow back once pulled?

If you have pulled out your lashes, then it may take somewhere between a few weeks to a month for the lashes to grow back. The time for regrowth varies from one person to another. Firstly, it depends upon the vitamins and nutrient content present in the body. Secondly, it depends upon the harm caused to the follicles. If a person pulls out lashes habitually, then the follicles may shrink over time. And the regrowth is tough in such a condition.

Will my eyelashes regrow in case I pull out from root?

As mentioned above the lashes will grow back even pulled out from the root. The lashes follow a traditional growth cycle and may grow back in 2-3 weeks. However, regrowth conjointly depends on how forcibly the lashes were pulled out

Will my lashes grow back if I cut them?

The lashes could take time to induce back within the traditional length, however, they will surely grow back.

Will my lashes regrow back in case burnt?

It depends on the harm and degree of the blaze. If the lashes were burnt entirely, such that the follicles were also burnt then the lashes might not regrow. However, in case of minor damage, the lashes will grow back normally.

Will my lashes grow normally after lash extensions?


The fact the lashes follow a normal cycle of growth has nothing to do with the lash extensions. The lash growth will not be affected at all. However, the adhesives and chemicals used in the process may damage your lashes. These harsh chemicals may damage the lashes, which can affect the lashes in the long run. It can clog the pores, which may promote bacterial growth around the eyes. This may even result in varied eye infections and disorders.

How can I speed up the lash growth process and minimize the lash loss?

The effectiveness and the method of treatment depend upon the main cause of lash loss. Therefore, in case of losing lashes, it is important to consult the doctor first. According to Generic Villa, your doctors will diagnosis the treatment as per your condition.

Here are some tips to speed up the process:

  •   Start by eating a healthy diet. Add all the essential nutrients and supplements in your diet.
  •   Maintain a good face routine- wash off the face to remove the makeup before bedtime.
  •   Use good quality products.
  •   Be mild along with your eyes whereas applying or removing makeup.