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Things to know when choosing a dash cam

by Edvard Berlusconi

Dash cams are now a really popular product on the auto market being very useful, but if you still wonder why, we have prepared a short list with the most important features that make this product so appreciated.The main reason to add a dash cams to your car is to have the ability to provide video/audio evidence of who is at fault in the event of a claim in an incident related to traffic.

Many insurance companies claim solid evidence and having a reliable recording with the incident will solve favorably any dispute and you may also receive a discount on the annual payment if you have an onboard dash-camera installed.
Even if the main reason for installing a dash cams would be to have evidence for the insurance companies there are other good reasons like surveillance of the car while it is parked, monitoring your kids in the car, keeping an eye on the teenage drivers to prevent them from having risky behaviour on the wheel.

With the replay feature, you can easily watch and show or even share important footage whenever it is needed to clear any situation being legal like maybe being accused of breaking the speed limit by a police officer or just to make a point to a friend.

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If a dash-camera seems complicated to operate the reality is that it is fully automated, will start recording when you start the car engine and will stop when you shut the engine.
The automated feature allows you to be able to focus on driving and in the event of an accident to be assured that the incident was recorded, saved and safely stored on a special folder.
Another important feature is that in the eventuality of a shortage of storage space the camera will continue recording over the old files using the recording loop feature.

The parking surveillance feature allows the camera to record even if the car is parked because it has motion sensors integrated that will turn on the camera when motion is detected and any incident will be recorded and safely stored.
Important in any good camera is the resolution and all these new cameras have amazing high-quality resolution and you can choose from 720p (HD) for a back camera to 1080 (Full HD)/1440p or even higher for front dash-cameras.

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Some cameras are dual and can record both in front and back of the vehicle, others can rotate front to back and have really wide recording angles (120 to 170 and even ballpoint 360 for some in-car cameras) so you can choose what you need.
The storage capacity can be extended by adding a micro SD card and most of the cameras are compatible with many types of SD cards so you will never run out of space for all the recording of your camera.
Important is also a reserve and emergency battery so in case off a power shortage or any kind of an accident the camera must be able to keep recording without being affected.

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Many cameras have this feature included, these have an inbuilt battery for emergency usage and are also plugged in at the cigarette power plug of the car so when the car is parked they also continue to function and record.
Dash-cams can have many features and options included depending on the model and price range like built-in GPS, dual-channel, are customizable so you can choose the resolution you wish, night vision or even infra-red vision and many other.


Being a multi-functional device the dash-camera is a really useful acquisition so if you wish to acquire one you have a wide range of models to chose from limited only by the budget you reserve for it.
If you wish to invest in your safety and peace of mind behind the wheel buying a dash-camera would be the perfect thing for that. Also, if you want to check out some of the best cameras currently available on the market, feel free to share AutoByMars website.