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Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Support

by Edvard Berlusconi

Over the next month, millions of computer users will start receiving pop-up messages informing them that the Windows 7 OS will be shut down in January 2024. After that happens, users will no longer receive updates of any kind which include important security patches, which can put computers at risk of malware and viruses.

With the early reminders, Microsoft hopes that they will be able to help people plan and prepare for the transition. They also recommended that the consumers using Windows 7 switch to Windows 10, which Microsoft claims to be more secure.

Why is Support for Windows 7 Ending?


Supporting software for an outdated OS has become increasingly costly, even for a company as rich and large as Microsoft. Operating systems require constant maintenance and it has become difficult to maintain a code that was developed almost 10 years ago while trying to maintain code for the latest operating system. The ultimate goal of the company is to focus fewer resources on Windows 7 and focus on making Windows 10 more secure and efficient for its users.

What does “End of Support” actually mean?


According to the experts from CSP Inc., one the support for Windows 7 ends, Microsoft will no longer make updates for the OS. That means that you will no longer receive new features and updates, such as a faster search bar, improvements to Alexa, and security patches. And when it comes to the security patches, they are the most important thing that you should receive since they keep your data safe. By using an outdated OS, it increases the risk of being attacked through a program, code, or malware.

Will your devices continue to function?

Yes, they will. Once Microsoft ends the support, your Windows 7 laptop or computer will continue to work as it does today. You can do the usual things that you do, like browsing the Internet, creating and editing documents, playing video games, all features will still be available. The one thing that you should be most concerned about is the security of your data.

How to Move to Windows 10?


It is quite easy to switch to Windows 10. All you will have to do is either download it from Microsoft’s website or buy the OS on a thumb drive at a computer store. Whatever way you choose, it will cost you $140. The installation is quite simple. You should use the instructions provided by the company which includes rebooting your device and following the on-screen instructions. The time needed to install the OS will depend on the age of your device. However, keep in mind that you should back up your data before starting the process, just to be safe and sound.


Although you might not like Windows 10, at some point you will need to start using it. It is more secure, offers regular updates, and it is generally a better OS platform that Windows 7. However, if you choose to stick with Windows 7, keep in mind that over time, the performance will get worse, hence, you will eventually need to switch to Windows 10 in order to use your computer efficiently and normally.