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The US Could Lose Its Allies Because of Trump’s Coronavirus Denial

by Sinisav

BUSINESS INSIDER – 03/10/2020: Donald Trump is not dealing with coronavirus adequately. The US allies started to notice this long time ago, but now it’s putting a strain on relationships between America and its partners. Trump is downplaying the threat called COVID-19, and the UK state officials are in shock because of it.

Indeed, the US government isn’t working full speed at stopping the coronavirus outbreak. Donald Trump’s tweets also aren’t helping the situation. Because of this Boris Johnson is losing his patience with Trump. The more time passes, the more agitate the UK officials are becoming because Trump’s inability to grasp the situation.

Donald Trump

Source: businessinsider.com

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, an unnamed UK official talked about the ongoing situation: “There is a general level of incredulity over his comments but especially over the lack of testing. People in the UK government are used to the steady stream of tweets, but the last few days have caused more than the usual eye-rolling. There is a genuine disbelief.”

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In some of his most recent tweets, President Trump once again blamed the Democrats for the coronavirus outbreak. He also stated that the entire coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and that people who believe that they have coronavirus can quickly get a test. None of this is true, especially the prat about testing. The US health system isn’t built so that all people could easily get tested.

The UK government created a unit that has a job of countering misinformation regarding the coronavirus. One of their members also commented on the situation with Trump by saying: “Our COVID-19 counter-disinformation unit would need twice the manpower if we included him in our monitoring.”

The relationship between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson also isn’t good as the UK Prime Minister distanced himself from POTUS. They no longer can agree on any subject varying from telecommunications to trade, and the situation in the Middle East.

Source: businessinsider.com