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The Reason Why The US Would Lose in a War With Russia Revealed

by Sinisav

SPUTNIK NEWS – 02/10/2020: The war between the USA and Russia is a frequent subject among war theorists. Some of them believe that it’s only a matter of time when this scenario would become a reality. Because of that, there are already talks about what would be the US main issue in fighting with Russia.

It seems that the issue would be putting enough number of armored vehicles on airplanes. Furthermore, they would have to move them through Poland to confront Russia. This is where the problem begins. Poland is full of Soviet-built bridges, and they are not capable of supporting the weight of allied tanks.


Source: breakingdefense.com

This war would be led, without a doubt, on the territory of the former Soviet Union. This area is full of plains and rivers. The issues would begin with transportation through Poland. There’s a river named the Vistula, which has numerous bridges. Allied tanks would have to cross the river on these bridges. The issue is, they weren’t built for allied tanks. They were made for lighter, Soviet ones, the type similar to what Russia uses today.

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These bridges couldn’t withstand the weight of an average allied tank. This means that the US M1 Abrams, British Challenger II, German Leopard II, and even the French Leclerc would have issues crossing these bridges. All of the are heavier than 55 tons. Abrams M1, for example, weighs 60 tons.

As we said, these bridges are old, and there’s not only the Vistula but other rivers in the area where allies would have to maneuver across old bridges. The old Soviet bridges can withstand weight up to 45 tons. The US army is one of the most equipped in the world, but even they would have to create engineering magic to survive the war on this soil.

Considering that there are more than ten rivers they would have to cross, they would be at a disadvantage compared to Russian infantry and their armored weapons. We shouldn’t even mention what happened to invaders in the past when they tried to conquer Russia. One advice for those who would still dare: Don’t go to Russia during the winter, you won’t come back.

Source: sputniknews.com