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The Pros and Cons of Having an Air Conditioner

by William Gist

During a hot, steamy summer, there is nothing like turning on an air conditioner to keep yourself cool. It provides relief from the scorching heat and also has numerous other benefits. The AC is a reliable appliance that can serve you for a long time and that requires simple maintenance such as periodic air filter changes and annual tune-ups.

Using an air conditioner will enable you to control the temperature easily and can even remove humidity from the air keeping your living or working space cool and comfortable throughout the year. However, like any other technology, air conditioners have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at what they are.



  1. Provides Quality Air

Besides absorbing the heat, an inbuilt air filter inside the device removes any undesirable pollutants, enabling you to breathe in the fresh air. Every time your AC is on, you will not only be able to stay cool but also have an increased quality of air.

  1. Reduces and Prevents Heat Stroke

Every year, extreme weather claims many lives worldwide, with the most vulnerable being adults older than 65 and children under the age of four. According to experts from Pacific Air Conditioning, this is what makes these devices the best for preventing any heat-related issues. Doctors also recommend staying in air-conditioned areas during the hottest part of the day to help reduce risk which is why the can be a life savior on many occasions.


  1. Eases Allergies and Asthma

Since the air filtering process removes pollen, dust, and other pollutants, air conditioners are perfect from warding off any allergies or asthma attacks. They also lower humidity which decreases the potential growth of mold and they prevent insects from entering since the room needs to be well insulated to ensure effective air-conditioning. Viruses and bacteria are less likely to spread in cool temperatures, so it is great for keeping you safe from germs.


  1. Decreases the Chance of Dehydration

Our body needs water to stay healthy and high temperatures cause us to sweat more, making our body lose water faster. This can lead to dehydration which can cause a number of health problems. Air conditioners reduce the chances of this, ensuring you stay safe and healthy.

  1. Increases Productivity

Hot temperatures decrease our productivity levels since our body needs extra energy to cool down our brain and other important organs. This is why using AC systems can be great for increasing productivity and why they can be very useful in office buildings and schools.


  1. Power Consumption

The AC uses a lot of electricity to maintain the right temperature which leads to an increase in your electricity bill. They also have a negative impact on the environment since they produce and emit greenhouse gasses.


  1. Dry Skin

The AC reduces humidity by sucking out moisture from the air, so it can cause skin dryness over time. This can easily be avoided by applying moisturizers to your skin regularly.

  1. Respiratory Problems

The technology is generally very beneficial, but it can also cause many issues if the air filter is not cleaned and maintained regularly. If they get dirty and clogged, they can cause indoor air pollution and the spreading of dust and other harmful substances. This can lead to many respiratory health issues, so you should make sure that your filter is always clean and pure.


AC units have numerous health benefits and have become a necessary part of many people’s lives. Getting an air conditioner will not only protect you from drastic weather, but it can overall greatly improve your quality of life.

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