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Best Potted Plants For A Minimalist Home

by William Gist

Potted plants can really make a room come to life. They provide you with an easy, cheap, and a very effective way of turning a house or an apartment into a real home. Often, people find plants soothing, beautiful, but they can also have health benefits.

Some purify the air, others release beautiful fragrances that can calm us down, but often it’s simply their presence that makes us happier and more relaxed. They also make the space more stylish and bring different pieces od the room together. Celebrating life in harmony with nature is always fulfilling and will make all of your guests more comfortable.

Your minimalist home deserves a nice, wisely-chosen plant and we’re here to help!

All of the plants we’ve picked out for you are beautiful and low-maintenance. Even if you’re the one who keeps murdering their plants, these ones are here to survive.

Ficus (Lyrata, Elasica or Benjamina)


This is a fabulous, popular, low-maintenance house plant. It’s big with wonderful leaves of different shapes. All it needs are warm temperatures, high humidity, and moderate light. Water them occasionally and watch them thrive. However, if you have pets, it’s best to go for another plant as this one can be mildly toxic and can upset your furry friend’s stomach.
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These spiky succulents are the ultimate low-maintenance plants. They are easy to take care of and will, from time to time, reward you with beautiful, colorful flowers. All you have to remember is to not drown them in water and overfeed them. They can withstand you forgetting about them for a long time. Water them once or twice a month and they will happily grow inside. They often have a rather simple appearance, but that’s what’s beautiful about them. You can place them in all sorts of containers and make the room even more stylish.

Snake plant


This plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue and it can light up the room instantly. Big leaves that stand up straight look intriguing and will attract anyone’s attention. Like other plants on the list, this one is also pretty low-maintenance. The best part about them is that they also act as air purifiers and are completely safe for pets!

Ceropegia woodii – String Of Hearts


This is a plant you can put almost anywhere. Its small, heart-shaped leaves fall over the sides of the container and the vines can get quite long. That’s why this plant looks best hanging from the wall or the ceiling. You can even create a curtain from these plants. Ceropegia tolerates drought and direct sun and is really easy to take care of.



Monstera is incredibly popular and it’s just as dramatic. Huge, intriguingly-shaped leaves are hard to miss when you walk into the room. The leaves are dark green and the plant can grow anywhere. Low light is fine, while direct sunlight can damage the leaves. The soil shouldn’t be completely dry, but you don’t have to water it often.