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The Luxurious Life Of Tamara Ecclestone!

by Elsa Stringer

57 Bedrooms, Golden Bathtub and Maids: Take a look at the luxurious life of Tamara Ecclestone! Tamara Ecclestone leads a truly luxurious life in a 70 million dollar mansion!

She is daughter of the former chief executive of the Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone, and Croatian model Slavica.


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Tamara currently lives in the U.K. Despite all the luxury, on one occasion she said that she, her husband and their daughter (3) in fact use only three rooms of the whole mansion – the kitchen, living room and bedroom.



Nevertheless, the house includes 57 rooms on four floors, indoor pool, a spa, a couple of living and dining rooms, and this household includes a staff of 50 people.