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The Best Ways to Earn Money by Working Online

by Elsa Stringer

Working online, from your home is nothing new this year. The world’s economy has been severely influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, and due to the limitation of movement, people have been turning more and more to working online. Many have lost their jobs, and now have no other option, but to make the best of the situation and earn money online.

If you can relate to what is written above, then you must have been thinking about what are the best possible ways to assure monthly income. Before you start your pursuit for actual work, create realistic expectations, and calculate whether you can earn for living by considering some useful tips on coinmarketcal.com.


Some say that the best way to earn money online is to write a blog or start a vlog. Earning by writing a blog is rather interesting, but only if you have a passion for writing. It is good was to grow your passive income, but it requires time and dedication. If you are a passionate writer, start a blog, do your best to grow your audience, monetize it with affiliate marketing tools, and you will start earning something.

If you cannot afford to invest so much time, then we have a couple of other suggestions as well.


Filling out online surveys. There are sites on the internet offering their users the surveys they need to fill out daily. The surveys are in English and cover a variety of topics. After completing the survey, the user receives points that are later exchanged for gift cards on various services (Amazon, Microsoft Store, etc.) or paid directly to the PayPal account.

On some sites, it is possible to register only with an IP address from America for which you will need a VPN to be able to register at all. Most sites prefer U.S. users who receive more surveys which means the payout period is longer. This can be compensated by registering on several different sites, which would allow you to have a “sufficient” amount of surveys to complete.


The amount of money you can earn by filling online surveys varies from 1 to 20 dollars. Sometimes the payments are instant, sometimes you have to collect points by filling out the surveys and when you collect enough the payments are delivered. However, if you don’t have any concrete skills to offer, this is an ideal form of a job for you. Simple clicking. These jobs can be found on sites such as OnePoll, MySurvey, Earnably, etc.

A slightly demanding work, but also more rewarding money-wise is Reviewing and testing websites and applications. Reviewing and testing websites is quite similar to completing surveys, except there are two major differences: much more is paid per job done and companies that provide such jobs are much more serious and hold more to their customers.


In addition to clicking around the screen, testing websites and apps involve capturing the screen and your thoughts during testing. Yes, you need to have a microphone to test the apps on your computer, while to test the apps on your smartphone it’s enough to install an app that makes sure everything is recorded and that’s practically it. The microphone, along with a screenshot, allows companies to get a better insight into the thoughts and impressions the reviewer has when testing.

Not everyone can do this. Every tester after registration, on most sites, must pass an initial test. Initial testing involves checking that you have all the equipment and software needed for testing and that companies see if you are fluent in English. After you pass the initial testing, the companies send you jobs to test websites and smartphone applications. The good thing is that when you register, you receive by email all the newly available job offers. These testing are short-lasting 15 to 20 minutes, but enable you to earn from 3 to 200 $ per testing. These jobs can be found on sites such as UserTesting and UserBrain.


Transcription of audio and video recordings. Transcription is the process of converting people’s speech from audio and video recordings to text format. Transcription of audio and video recordings in English has been in high demand lately. Anyone who knows how to read and write mediocre in English will do video and audio transcriptions without any problems. You can find jobs on sites that connect freelancers and employers such as UpWork, Freelancer, etc. Freelance transcriptions are paid by the hour. You can earn from 5 $ to 50 $ per hour. These jobs can be found on sites such as PeoplePerHour, Toptal, Freelancer, etc.


Writing articles and texts. As you know, there are millions of blogs and websites on the Internet and all of them need quality content to attract potential customers or buyers. In the absence of time, website owners are looking for interested people to write articles for their blog. Article writing generally consists of researching a topic, structuring an article, and writing.

The job of writing an article can be done by absolutely anyone who doesn’t hate writing (and we know there are some). If you spend less time on an article, the payoff comes sooner. When you are done with one you can start the next etc. The more articles, the more you earn. Of course, with speed, it is important to maintain the quality of what is written. The earning potential varies and depends on the number of words, articles, or characters you type. These jobs can be found on sites such as Guru, Contena, Freelancer, etc.

The Internet offers a variety of different types of online earning possibilities. Some jobs require certain investments (be it money or skills) before you start earning, and some require only a good connection and your time. The examples of most of them have been covered by this article. Of course, there many more possibilities out there for people who are determined to work online and earn some passive income.