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Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide for Beginners 2024

by Candice Bennett

Escape from Tarkov is a popular multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game set in a fictional city in Russia. The objective of the game is to Survive the harsh environment, gather loot and extract valuable items from various locations while experiencing high PvEvP fights.

Escape from Tarkov is a popular multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game set in a fictional city in Russia. The game’s objective is to Survive the harsh environment, gather loot and extract valuable items from various locations while experiencing high PvEvP fights.

The Lighthouse map (the eighth location added in Escape from Tarkov)  is a small coastal area on the city’s outskirts. It features The Lighthouse, a shipping yard, and several small buildings. The map is known for its high probability of valuable loot and being the only map to include the Rogues Faction.

Table of Contents

In the following list, you will find a little breakdown of our EFT Lighthouse Map article:

  • Tips and Tricks for Playing in Lighthouse
  • Points of Interest
  • Extraction and Spawn Points
  • Scav Rogues
  • Rogue Bosses
  • Special Features on the Map
  • Conclusion

Tips and Tricks for Playing in Lighthouse

The following tips and tricks are the most crucial points of surviving an Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Raid, from the unpredictable enemy players’ decisions to harsh environments and knowing the spawn points and extractions that prepare you for the worst encounters.

Focusing on your central tasks, missions, and objectives, and having the best plan, helps you increase your survivability chance:

  • Learn the Map Layout.
  • Be aware of the High-Valuable Loot Zones.
  • Adapt to new situations.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings & environment.
  • Be prepared to be surrounded.
  • Always have a Plan B.
  • Use Proper Equipment, Gear, and Weapons
  • Have a good stock of medical supplies.
  • Keep yourself Updated with Escape from Tarkov Changes.

The Lighthouse map in EFT can be challenging and punishing, as it contains highly contested areas with eagerness to get valuable loot. If you want to make your gameplay smoother, more enjoyable, and jump ahead of the competition, consider visiting Kboosting.com and opting for an EFT Boosting service as an alternative.

Points of Interest

The Lighthouse map has several high-value targets for players to loot, including the Lighthouse itself, the Pier, and several buildings, each with special keys, weapons, and PvP points. The following zones are some of the most important landmarks on the Lighthouse Map in Escape from Tarkov:

  • The Lighthouse: has a high probability of containing valuable items, such as weapon attachments, medical supplies, and ammunition.
  • The shipping yard: located on the south side of the map and is another popular location for loot such as weapon attachments, ammunition, and valuable electronics
  • The Pier: features Containers and structures that can be looted, including the cargo containers and the building at the end of the pier.
  •  The Buildings: found in the central open area stashed with valuable loot, including weapons, gear, medical supplies, ammunition, and jackets.
  • Cliffside Path: A narrow cliffside path connects the lighthouse and the shipping yard, providing an alternative route for players who want to avoid the main road.
  • The Beach: The beach is located on the east side of the map and can provide a picturesque getaway from the intense battles on the map.

Extraction and Spawn Points

In Escape from Tarkov, your spawn dictates the extraction point you must reach before the raid timer ends. In the following list, you will find all the Tarkov Lighthouse Map Extracts for SCAVs and PMCs, as follows:


  • Side Tunnel (Co-Op Extraction Point)
  • Path to Shoreline
  • Train

PMCs Extraction Points

  • Southern Road
  • Side Tunnel
  • Mountain pass (Red Rebel + Paracord Extraction Point)
  • Northern Checkpoint
  • Path to Shoreline
  • Armored Train
  • Road to Military Base V-EX (Vehicle)

The Red Rebel and Paracord Extraction point in Mountain pass have another requirement that forces you not to use an Armor Vest, but you can safely use a Rigged Armor.

SCAVs Extraction Points

  • South Road Landslide
  • Side Tunnel
  • Hideout Under the Landing Stage
  • Path to Shoreline
  • Scav Hideout at the Grotto
  • Armored Train
  • Industrial Zone Gates

In the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map, the most important thing is to know your current location and objective, the raid timer, and your extraction point. The spawn point also controls your gameplay and changes your plan!

Scav Rogues

The Scav Rogues in the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map are hostile AI characters that can spawn in various locations throughout the map. They are known for unpredictable behavior and attacking everyone on sight.

They are the most challenging and dangerous SCAVs in any Escape from Tarkov Maps. The Rogues can only be found on the Lighthouse Map, guarding the Water Treatment Plant.

Rogues Behavior

Rogues are a particular faction of ex-USEC operatives with similar equipment to the Raiders. They often patrol in groups of Two to Three, engaging in every fight they spot. They are very dangerous in close-quarters and medium-range combat, using suppressive fire while pushing players.

Rogues are more aggressive towards the BEAR (Battle Encounter Assault Regiment) faction and typically open fire on sight. They are more tolerant of a USEC player and SCAVs, which they will only engage if you step inside the Water Treatment Plant.

Rogue Bosses

Rogue Bosses in the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map are the strongest and most dangerous type of SCAVs, attacking players on sight and using high-tier ammunition and weapons. The bosses are unique, highly skilled, and well-equipped Rogues with particular traits that offer the most challenging fight in the game.

Big Pipe, Birdeye, and Knight are the three Rogue Bosses found in the Water Treatment Plant area.

Knight Rogue Boss

Source: tarkovnews.com

Knight is the Squad Leader of “The Goons” faction; he coordinates the actions of his associates and specializes in assault operations. When he detects an enemy, the current location is transmitted to his partners by radio.

Knight’s Kit contains aggressive Assault Rifles like MDR, SCAR-H, and Mutant, as well as grenades and flashbangs, ready for any encounter.

Birdeye Rogue Boss

Birdeye is the Marksman of the group, trying to ambush players and taking them down silently. He is a professional sniper and the most feared of them all. Birdeye chooses his positions carefully, having a clear line of sight with the enemy. Birdeye sits back and guards his partners from far away. If his associates are killed, he will quietly push toward the killer. His steps are entirely silent!

Birdeye’s Kit contains marksman rifles and bolt action snipers such as Remington 700, RSASS, SR-25, and M4A1 assault rifles as the close-quarter combat weapon.

Big Pipe Rogue Boss

Big Pipe has the same behavior as the Knight, pushing any enemy in sight. He will also rush to any new position received by his squad to create the perfect ambuscade against a player.

Big Pipe’s Loadout contains Grenade Launchers such as Milkor M32A1 and FN40GL, SIG MCX Assault Rifle, and Remington Shotgun. Like his squadmate Knight, he also uses grenades and flashbangs when fighting.

High-Risk Areas and Hotspots

The Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov is a treacherous landscape filled with danger. As a beginner, it’s crucial to be aware of the high-risk areas and hotspots that attract experienced players and scavengers alike. Just like it’s important to associate yourself with PlayerAuctions.com.

One such area is the abandoned resort, a decaying labyrinth of crumbling walls and shattered dreams. It holds valuable loot, but it also harbors lurking threats. Approach with caution, as you may encounter seasoned players who have staked their claim on this desolate haven. Venturing into the lighthouse itself is a thrilling yet perilous endeavor. It serves as a vantage point for skilled marksmen, making it a magnet for those seeking advantageous sniping positions. The rooftop offers a panoramic view of the area, but it also exposes you to potential ambushes.

The construction site is another hotspot, attracting scavengers looking for building materials and weapon parts. Exercise caution, as hostile encounters are frequent, and the narrow corridors can become a death trap. The pier is a gathering place for daring players seeking naval loot. However, be prepared for intense firefights and potential ambushes from both land and sea. Navigating these high-risk areas requires stealth, tactical decision-making, and a keen sense of timing. Consider teaming up with other players to increase your chances of survival. Embrace the challenge, learn from every encounter, and stay vigilant as you navigate the dangerous high-risk areas and hotspots of the Lighthouse map in Tarkov.

Special Features on the Map

Source: ginx.tv

The Lighthouse Island

The Lightkeeper is a trader in EFT that can be found by traversing the Bridge guarded by hidden mines, Zryachiy, and his Followers. To successfully pass it, you must first complete the required quests, which will reward you with a “Digital Secure DSP Radio Transmitter” used to deactivate the mines.

Raid Time

The time players have to complete their objectives and extract is limited when they land in the raid, and it’s the most important thing to keep track of. Use any exfil points available and secure your loot. Otherwise, you will lose your current loadout and precious plunders.

In Escape from Tarkov, time passes seven times faster than in real life. So, for every minute that passed, the game advances by seven.

Maximum Players

The maximum number of players that can join Lighthouse is 12 PMCs at once, as only 12 featured possible raid spawn locations exist.

Weather Conditions

The Weather Conditions on the Lighthouse Map in EFT significantly impact gameplay, making it harder to spot enemies or hear footsteps. The rain reduces visibility, is very noisy, and reduces your focus.

The Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov offers a high probability of valuable loot and attracts many players, making it a highly contested area. A very challenging and complex map with many places where you can test your skills and use the knowledge to navigate through the map, find loot, complete desired objectives, and survive the PvPvE experience.

This article has covered anything you should know, from familiarizing yourself with the map layout and extraction points to finding the most valuable loot and extracting it successfully.

Being updated with the newest changes and events of the game may give you an advantage in various situations and unique encounters within a raid.

It’s only a matter of time until you master the map layout and have your first successful raids at your fingers!