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6 Best Games Released So Far In 2024

by Gaga Arizanov

The period after Christmas isn’t usually a great time for games. The big releases are put out in the summer when the kids are off school, or in the fall before the holidays. However, that’s been changing in recent years, and some very good titles have been released, and we’re only two months in. They might not be the blockbusters you hear about, but they provide excellent experiences in their own right.

The best video games, after all, aren’t about sales, they are about so much more. So while a couple of these titles could be considered big sellers, not all of them will be. Nowadays, online video game stores like YuPlay offer endless gaming possibilities, whether searching for the latest releases or classic titles. If you’re interested in the most recent games, continue reading to learn more about the best video games in 2024 so far.

1. Dead Space: Remake

Source: youtube.com

The list starts with a remake. More and more remakes are coming out every year and with good reason. Games that were excellent in the past are still marketable with updated graphics, revamped gameplay, and even new voice actors. Remaking a classic game gives it new life and introduces it to another generation of players. Dead Space was a top horror game 15 years ago.

As the name would suggest, Dead Space takes place deep in the cosmos. You are heading to repair a ship that has been stranded. However, when you get there, you realize something has gone wrong, and the crew has been slaughtered. The remake is more immersive than the previous version, so everything is eerier and scarier. The 3d sound will take you right into the game, and you fight for survival and unravel the mystery of the dead ship.

2. Hi-Fi Rush

Source: store.steampowered.com

This was a surprise release in January, it was a welcome one at that. They don’t make many music action games anymore, but if they are done right, they are very fun. Hi-Fi Rush revolves around Chai, who discovers that an evil multinational corporation has been performing experiments on people. Chai is one of those people, as he discovers a music player implanted in his chest. He can now hear the rhythm of the world around him, and moves, and fights, to the beat.

Gameplay is fast and addictive, as you try to time your movements to the beat. You don’t have to, however, as you can experiment a little with what Chai can do. Take our wannabe rock star through the bowels of the evil corporation as you pick up friends and make new enemies along the way.

3. One Piece Odyssey

Source: en.bandainamcoent.eu

Role-playing games have been around for as long as video games have existed, and One Piece: Odyssey, is a worthy game to add to the pantheon. It’s an adaption of the popular manga series, and it does the source material justice by building a huge and immersive world to get lost in.

The gameplay is turn-based, much like an in-person RPG. Together with your band of friends, you must travel through the maps, collecting items, treasure, and equipment. There is action though. When you encounter an enemy the gameplay shifts to a battle mode where you can dispatch your opponent. Every character you can control has its own strengths and weaknesses, and AI will alter its strategy based on it. All in all, an immersive and exciting experience for RPG fans or fans of the original manga.

4. Season: A Letter to the Future

Source: store.epicgames.com

Season: A Letter to the Future is unique when it comes to survival games. The point of the game isn’t necessarily to survive and fight off threats, be they human, monster, or otherwise. The point is to make sure that culture survives. To this end, you take control of Estelle, a writer, who sets out to get first-hand accounts from the people in her world before the apocalypse. You can see the results of the cataclysmic event, but of course, the characters can’t, which makes it all the more heartbreaking, but also beautiful. This is the other side of the apocalypse that you don’t see in other games and television shows. How do we make sure that our stories survive?

5. Fire Emblem Engage

Source: nintendo.com

The Fire Emblem franchise has been around for over 20 years. With that kind of longevity, Nintendo knew not to mess with the formula when designing a new game. Engage is the most recent installment, and it draws upon the RPG franchise’s characteristics that made it so popular. However, they do have a few new tricks up their sleeves to make this game stand out from the rest. The first is that it’s very action-heavy. The combat sequences and gameplay might be the best the series has to offer, which is saying a lot. The game also introduced the concept of the Emblem Rings, which allow players to summon old allies from previous games. This adds a level of excitement and interest and it’s great to see the old lords in an upgraded form.

6. Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Source: store.playstation.com

The great thing about Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is that for older players, it gives you a sense of nostalgia, while still bringing modern style and gameplay for the kids. If you liked side-scrollers like Mega Man, Strider, and Bionic Commando, then you will love Vengeful Guardian.

You control a very cool character that seems ripped from the games of the past. Moonrider is a motorcycle-riding, laser sword-wielding cyborg who is bent on revenge. Just like the classics, the game gets harder as you go along, and the bosses at the end of every level are tough to beat. However, when you do you win power-ups to help you further on in the game. This game is boatloads of fun, and while it feels familiar, it’s not filled with cliches. If you’re looking for a game to take you back to the early 90s, this is it.

2024 Has Been A Pretty Good Year For Games So Far, But There’s Still Plenty Of The Year Left. While You’re Waiting For The Blockbusters And The Big Names Of The Year To Come Out, These Games All Provide Fun And Exciting Experiences That You Are Sure To Enjoy.

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