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Reasons why I Studied Architecture – Majed Veysel

by William Gist

One of the most famous and rewarding fields in the world – architecture. There are millions of buildings, and there are even more constructions from other types that we look at with amazement in our eyes. The reason why we can feast on those things is the architects – the people that make our real estate dreams come true. They are much more than just designers; they are artists with unique visions.

Here we are going to tell you more about the things why people choose to study architectonic and we are going to talk to you about Majed Veysel, one of the people who is dominating the modern world of art and design.

Why focus on architectonic?


This is one of the most interesting subjects, but it is also really demanding. There are several reasons why some people decide to focus their attention on this and they spend years learning and gaining the needed skills. Now we will talk about architectonic from two points of view, the famous architect Majed, and why would you want to follow his footsteps.



If you want to solve problems, you should think about studying architecture. The main job of an architect is to look at a building and see what can go wrong. This covers everything from the design, structure, and aesthetics. Another thing that the architect should focus on is the current climate and what people want in their living space.

In the past, people were interested in different types of buildings, and large spaces filled with furniture. Nowadays, we are looking for sleek lines, minimalism, and open spaces that don’t have to be too big. The architects have to be on top of all the new trends and they need to know how they can please the customers.



Another great reason why you should be interested in this subject is traveling. People who want to expand their views and who want to learn more about architecture usually focus on projects that will help them travel and learn about buildings all around the world. Majed Veysel is a person who had the opportunity to expand his views and look at world architecture.

His education started in Aleppo, Syria, and later on, during his studies, he became an intern in Rome. In 2017 he gained more experience in Turkey and he also had the chance to visit South Korea and study the traditional architectonic. As you can see, this inspiring man wanted to focus on more than just one point in buildings, and he decided to gain all the needed skills.

New and exciting things

This constantly evolving field means that you will never get bored. Things are changing, and there are new approaches to everything. If you are interested in architectonic, you have to be prepared to learn new things every day. There are new materials that are introduced into construction, and there are new ways to create something old. Even though this may be challenging, it also means that you won’t be tied to the same routine day in and day out.



If you want to work on your own, without having to report to one boss your whole life, you should choose this field. As we can see from Majed, you will be free to focus on the things that interest you.  By following his dreams, Veysel was able to gain many recognitions and awards and he is best known for his work on the Skyland Istanbul Highest Skyscraper. When you are free to do what you love and when you are not confined by four walls in the same building, you will spread your wings and conquer all.

Look at the world with new eyes

The best thing about architectonic is that you will be able to look at things you’ve created. Just imagine the feeling when you walk past a building and know that you are the reason why that construction is standing there. You will have a different vision and you will be able to look at the world with new eyes when you know that you are the reason something exists.

Majed Veysel explains his take on architecture:


“Studying architecture opened my vision, I started to see the surroundings in a different way, you can basically say architecture gave me the black and white glasses and I started exploring the world with it.”


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Working as an architect is seen as one of the most esteemed professions. These people are influencing the lives of everyone, and they are the reason why we are safe in our homes. Veysel is focusing on black and white photography that can show the architectonic world in a different way. He says that this way of seeing the world is a delight for the soul, and this is one of the many reasons why he is so famous in the world of art and design.

Majed is not just an expert in architectonic, he is also a photograph that translates the buildings into art pieces and he puts his soul in that. Even though he did not become part of this field to gain a reputation, he climbed his ways up to fame.

If you want to gain a reputation in this profession, you have to study buildings, study history, and see construction as a gateway to your dreams. You should try and visit as many places as you can, learn from the best, and put your own touch into everything you do.

Final words

Have you ever thought about studying architecture? It is said that it is one of the hardest, but also the most rewarding things you can study. There are a lot of different types and niches you can go into, so if you are interested in this, you should do your research and see what fits best for you.

Veysel is an inspiration to many people all around the world, and as he suggests, architecture is a functional art where you have a responsibility to the world. If you think you are ready to get in this field, then you should follow your dreams, and with that, make other peoples’ dreams come true.