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Top 5 Streaming Services: Choose the Best one for Germany 2024

by Tracy Finke

Streaming gives you the pleasure of enjoying your best TV shows and movies at your own pace. You can lay and pause as per your wish. This is why the fan of streaming is increasing day by day.

If you stay in Germany and are looking for some of the most content-rich, easy-to-use, and affordable streaming services, then we are here to bring this search to an end.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the top 5 streaming services that you can use in Germany without any hassles and hurdles. But, there is a secret. To make most of these streaming services, you must use a VPN. You can check out VPNwelt.com for more detailed and expert information.

1. Netflix

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Netflix tops the list because of its diverse and huge content library, affordable pricing, and excellent streaming experience. Not only in Germany, but Netflix has also gained unmatched popularity at the global level.

Presently, there are 208 million subscribers of Netflix, and they come from every nook and corner.

Here, the content is from Netflix Originals, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Classics, Screen Gems, and Studio Ghibli media houses. Whether you are an adventure-seeker or looking for a rom-com, you will get everything on Netflix. It will never disappoint you.

2.  Amazon Prime

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If there is anything that can beat Netflix, then it is Amazon Prime. Though it was launched a year earlier from Netflix, it lags behind in terms of subscribers. Globally, it has 175 million subscribers and has a worldwide presence, including Germany. Content from all categories is present on this streaming platform.

3. NOW

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Launched in 2012, NOW is a popular streaming service in Germany. It was formerly known as Now TV. It entertains people of the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. It is offered and managed by Sky, a British satellite television provider.

In Germany, it operates as ‘Sky Ticket’. Recently, it was launched in Spain as well. It can be used to watch live-streaming and on-demand videos. Sports, films, TV shows, and other content can be accessed easily on this platform.

4. Apple TV+

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For original and diverse content, Apple TV+ is also an excellent choice to make. This ad-free streaming service is globally available from 2019. It is a newbie in the town and yet has managed to earn great significance. Using this service, you can stream some of Germany –dedicated channels like Sky Ticket, Tagesschau24, TV Now Premium, Welt, and ZDFmediathek easily.

5. Starz Play

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It is a streaming service offered by an America-based premium cable and satellite television network that gained fame in other parts of the world, including Germany. At present, there are 2 million subscribers of this streaming platform. In Germany, it was launched in 2019.

Alert – Use A VPN with All These Choices

All these five streaming services work wonderfully and are here to provide you uninterrupted streaming experience.

A VPN is the most trusted way to have a secure, protected, and undetected online presence. With its help, one can easily:

  • Watch geo-restricted content

Some content is always geo-restricted on all these and many other streaming websites and can’t be accessed in certain parts of Germany. Also, you may not be able to stream your current favorites while you have to travel outside Germany.

PN will save you in all these situations as it will help you bypass all the geo-restriction and watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

  • Gain complete security

Streaming movies & TV is shown in Germany, without using a VPN can be a little tedious as Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service is keeping close eyes on internet activities.

Besides this, hackers and malware roam in the online space to hunt down the vulnerable connection. VPN safeguards and conceals your internet connection in a way that it would be hard for anyone to keep tabs on your activities.

With its high-end encryption, no malicious activities can take you in its nippers. So, you can easily have a secure online presence.

  • Connect With Public Wi-Fi and yet have no harm to your data

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Germany has an awe-inspiring public Wi-Fi facility that is speedy and free for use. With VPN, you can securely connect with public Wi-Fi and don’t have to compromise on the security of the data to use the public Wi-Fi.

VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and a public VPN that no one else can use. Hence, you will remain even if you’re connected to a connection that is a cyber-attack hub.

  • Enjoy the legal streaming experience

Some streaming websites upload the content by violating copyright laws, and if god forbids you to watch or try to access such content, you can drag yourself into a huge pit of hassles unknowingly.

Nothing of this sort will happen with VPN as it completely conceals your IP location and can easily connect with servers from other locations. So, tracing your location and online activities will become nearly impossible.


Streaming is fun, streaming is a great way to entertain yourself, and streaming is a life savior in situations like lockdown. But, it can be restricted, risky, and tedious for many people in Germany. This is why we have hand-picked the best streaming websites that one can use in Germany without any qualms.

Before you start using or even trying them, make sure you’ve got a VPN to safeguard your connection. With the help of a reliable VPN, one can easily keep tons of cyber world hassles at bay and enjoy a secure online presence. Stay alert and pick only a trustworthy VPN. Then only you’ll be able to enjoy all these perks.