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How to Check What Countries Netflix Shows & Movies Are Available in – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Ever wanted to check what countries a Netflix show or movie is available in? Without having to go through countless Reddit threads and articles that aren’t actually helpful, that is.

There’s finally a tool for that – StreamCatcher.proprivacy.com. Just type the name of the Netflix title you want to check, and hit Find. It’ll immediately tell you which countries have it.

If you’re looking for something like that, though, we’d be correct to assume you’re also interested in finding out why some Netflix shows and movies are only available in some countries, and how you can unblock them, right?

If that’s a yes, keep reading – we’ll answer all your questions in this article.

Why Are Some Netflix Titles Available Only in Some Countries?

Source: popsci.com

Because Netflix was only able to get the licensing rights for those regions. Basically, they can’t legally stream that content where they don’t have distribution rights.

So that’s why a show like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Doctor Who is only available on the Netflix UK library. The site only has distribution rights for that country.

Why, though?

There are a few reasons:

  • Netflix wasn’t able to buy the licensing rights because they weren’t for sale. It’s likely that the rights were already sold to a different streaming site or TV network.
  • Netflix didn’t want to buy the rights because their data showed people in that region wouldn’t be interested in a particular show. Licensing content is one of the biggest expenses for Netflix. It accounted for around $14.7 billion out of $24.5 billion in content assets in 2019. So if Netflix’s data mining says the ROI won’t be good, the company won’t invest in getting licensing rights.

Are Netflix Originals Geo-Blocked Too?

Normally, no – Netflix owns the copyright, so they don’t need to buy any licensing rights.

However, there are some exceptions – like Lilyhammer or Orange Is the New Black. Even though Netflix owns them, they’re still geo-blocked in some countries (Orange Is the New Black in Indonesia, for example).


Because Netflix likely sold the licensing rights to other streaming sites and TV networks in those regions. They did that because their service wasn’t available there when those shows launched. It was a pretty smart move to reach a wider audience, build brand recognition, and make money even though the service wasn’t available there.

Now that Netflix is pretty much available worldwide, it can’t stream their own shows in those countries because they don’t have the distribution rights. They need to buy them back, but that’s easier said than done since the current right holders can ask for absurdly high prices.

Can You Unblock Netflix Titles?

Yes, you can. And no, you don’t have to travel to the countries where they’re available to do that.

You just need to use PureVPN – an online tool that hides your geo-location. Here’s how it works:

  1. You download, install, and use a VPN app to connect to a VPN server. The server has to be in a country where the show or movie you want to watch is available.
  2. The VPN app and server establish an encrypted connection. Any data passing through it can’t be monitored by anyone (so your ISP can’t throttle your traffic anymore).
  3. When you visit Netflix, the VPN server will intercept your connection requests. Once it does that, it forwards them to Netflix, making it seem as if they’re originating from it, not your device.
  4. Since connection requests contain IP addresses, Netflix will only see the VPN server’s IP address. Your IP remains hidden, meaning Netflix can’t see your real geo-location.

And that’s about it. Don’t worry – the process might seem complex, but you’ll barely notice anything on your end. You’ll just pick a server, wait for the connection to be established, and you’ll be able to start binging unblocked Netflix content in seconds.

How to Get a Good Netflix VPN

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To enjoy a smooth streaming experience, a VPN has to offer a couple of things:

  • Unlimited bandwidth – The last thing you want is to have to keep an eye on how much data you have left before starting a new episode of your favorite series.
  • Tons of servers – The more the merrier. Ideally, the VPN should offer two or three thousand servers, but a few hundred can work too. More options means less crowded servers and access to more Netflix libraries.
  • Apps for most platforms – What’s the point in being able to unblock Netflix if you can only do it on your PC? An app for platforms like macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux is a must so that you can binge Netflix as much as you want, wherever you want.
  • User-friendly design – Having to use third-party clients like Cisco AnyConnect or the OpenVPN Connect client is a real bummer. It takes time getting used to them, and you really don’t need to deal with complicated tutorials just to unblock some Netflix content. A well-designed app with an intuitive UI is a must.

And most importantly of all – the VPN has to be able to bypass the Netflix proxy error (i.e. actually unblock Netflix). Otherwise, you’ll keep seeing this page:

Finding a VPN like that can be hard – especially since there are hundreds of services on the market. Even if you only focus on the top providers, you still have to go through and compare 15-20 options.

Have You Ever Unblocked Netflix Titles?

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If you did, which ones? And what was your experience like? Did you use VPNs, or did you try other unblocking methods?

Please let us know in the comments below.