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Does Your Stair Runner Have To Match Your Carpet?

by Tracy Finke

Owning a house is one of the most common dreams of everyone, and every once in a while, one of them gets it done. Decorating and maintaining the house that feels like home is one of the challenges that follow. And this can be managed efficiently if you have some basic knowledge of furniture and are ready to take some risks. Mixing and matching of various styles and ideas can be a good idea, as it gives your home a much sophisticated look.

If you are still on this page, then you most definitely have a staircase and are looking to decorate the same. Stair runners are the perfect solution to this situation, as they not only look great but also provide some extra friction for protection. Additional information about the various types of stair runners can be found here, which would help you pick the correct ones for your home.

When covering the stairs, there comes one natural question along with it: Do you have to match the carpet and rugs of your home with the runners? And the answer to it is not that difficult, yet not so simple as well. With that said, let’s try to understand what it means in the following sections:

Why Stair Runners?

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A good question to start with. Stair runners are the pieces of decorative rugs that cover your stairs. These are available in the market in a variety of forms and sizes and can be customized as per your requirements and preferences. The bare wooden staircase looks splendid, however, they pose a risk of slipping, even when they are not polished. And if you have kids and/or pets at home, or ever for your added safety, covering them wooden art pieces is a safer choice.

Stair runners also work as noise absorbents. It is no news to anyone that wooden flooring creaks and makes a lot of sound every time someone walks on it. The same applies to the stairs as well. And this could get annoying real soon. So, it is better to get the stair runners as they are multi functional and keep your staircase good looking all through the years.

Do You Really Have To Match Everything?

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Well, not exactly, and not until you want to do so. There is no hard and fast rule about this, and this can be done all according to you and your taste. If you want to match your runners and the carpets that follow it down the main floor, you can, it would give your space a luxurious vibe, with hints and dashes of class and sophistication. This would help you brag about your house as well, but that is a different topic with a different story altogether.

You can also choose to be bolder with your choices and try some mixing and matching of various patterns and shades. This could be done in the Hamptons style, which would give your home a more of a beach vibe, and can be very relaxing and eye pleasing to watch. It would also make your place look different than the usual residential buildings in the area, especially if you do not live in a neighborhood with a beach.

Or, you can play it the safest, and choose the most sold designs on the market which are still up and available. Again, it is all up to you and your preference, as this is your place of comfort, and how you like to make it more comfortable, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing depends on you.

The Correct Dimensions

There is, again, no general rule in selecting the dimensions of these runners, as they are available in sorts of shapes and sizes. However, on a common basis, people tend to leave around 4 inches of bare wood on each side of the carpeting, just to make it look much better. However, you can decide to cover the entire stair as well, and do not forget to tuck it in to prevent it from coming off or slipping.

If you have open stairs, then this task can become a little hectic, as you would have to perfectly measure each stair and cover it up perfectly and individually. You can hire a professional for this, as DIYs sometimes can get a bit tricky.

What About The Landings?

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If your stairs have landings which connect them to the stairs ahead, then you should try to cover them as well. Yes, with the same carpet that you have used on the main floor, or with the same runner that you are using to cover the stairs with. However, adding a completely new piece of rug in between two stairwells is not a good idea and should be avoided.

The Various Installation Methods

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There are many installation methods available for you to try and select the one that works best for you and your stairs. The most common is the waterfall style, as it is the easiest and most efficient way to fix your runners. This involves bending the carpet at the edges of the stairs, and laying it flat, doing nothing more. It covers the stairs just nicely and works best for thick carpets, as they are harder to fold around the corners.

The second type is the French Cap technique, which gives your stairs a much more neat and classy look. This technique involves tucking the runner at the brim of the stair every time they tread to a next one, giving it a much more finished look than the waterfall method.


If you have stairs at home, get runners for them. This would not only add to the beauty of your place, but also act as a noise muffler, reduce the chances of someone slipping and tripping down them and also make your woodwork last for years. You do not always have to match the runners with your carpet, but it can be done as there is no harm. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make.