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6 Most-Viewed YouTube Music Videos Of All Time

by Tracy Finke

YouTube is one of the most useful and entertaining sites on the net at the same time. Here we can learn various skills, but also relax with good content. Many artists appear on the list more than once. Pop music dominates, followed by EDM and Latin/Reggaeton, with acts like Shakira, Bruno Mars, Malum and others.

So, this category is the most searched for on YouTube, as well as content for young children. It is precisely because of the next most viewed music videos that we came to the conclusion that YouTube is mostly used for entertainment purposes.

1. Baby Shark

Source: prnewswire.com

A sweet and extremely likable children’s song recorded by the South Korean company Pinkfong has become the most viewed video ever on YouTube. The number of views even surpassed Despacito. Although it has been around for a long time, it only reached the peak of popularity after it was recorded by a ten-year-old Korean-American singer.

The most interesting of all is that the song is accompanied by dance moves, and the chorus “tu-tu-tu-du-du-du-du-du…” contributes to the record rating of the song. What attracts children so much about this song? It is the repetition of the same action or the same words. They just love it, because it’s human nature to repeat activities we enjoy.

It is especially popular in children, because it gives them a sense of security. It becomes part of their memory, they emotionally participate in the content and it’s very fun for them. When after some time the words of the song are imprinted in the memory, the child becomes aware of his capacity. Then he starts to believe in his abilities. Considering that their parents know all this, we are not surprised that Baby Shark’s song has been played so many times so far.

2. “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee

Source: abcnews.com

Luis Fonsi’s hit, which was created in collaboration with Daddy Yankee, currently has 8,002,917,469 views on YouTube. Every person will recognize the rhythms from the beginning of the song, because the song has been intensively listened to and played in clubs for years the most popular Latin song in history.

Although Gasolina, Danza Kuduro and I know you want me had their super popular episodes, Despacito is the first Latin song to reach number 1 on the Billboard charts. For many, this is still one of the best songs they’ve ever heard because it doesn’t let you sit still. It simply gets you moving.

This does not surprise us, because Daddy Yankee is the author who became famous with Gasolina. That’s why this has become a real movement, and a million covers and parodies are made every day on this topic. She is definitely responsible for the return of the Latin sound to mainstream pop.

3. “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran

Source: teenvogue.com

His hit song became the most streamed song in Spotify history. It was released in 2017, and I remember first time hearing it on Fakaza. Sheeran did not write it himself but with the help of two collaborators. They are John McDade of Snow Patrol and producer Stephen McCutcheon. .

Actually the singer was very surprised that she became so popular. Unfortunately, its success was called into question when the copyright of the song was questioned. After some time, he won the battle in the High Court, because his hit was definitely not plagiarized. He has been linked to the artist Sami Switch, because the chorus of his song is similar to “Shape of you”. So it turned out to be a coincidence.

4. “Bath Song” – CoComelon

Source: youtube.com

Music has a very positive effect on children and is therefore used in schools and other educational institutions. Children develop listening skills, and it helps them with learning problems. In addition, they acquire perceptual, linguistic and literary skills. Therefore, Bathe time is another track that won the hearts of many children.

Anyone who has children knows how often their moods change. At certain times, children do not want to do basic activities such as bathing. Then parents use some kind of distraction or this recording, and also become more interested in doing everyday things. They usually spend a lot of time with YouTube and when we look at the whole list, we see that children’s content appears for the second time.

5. “See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa

Source: redison.com

The world’s biggest hip hop star is also one of the most important musical names of today, Wiz Khalifa. His hits easily reached the throne of the world’s hip-hop scene, so in total they exceed three billion YouTube views. The song “See you again” is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Fast & Furious 7”. The video also features Walker’s character Brian O’Conner.

6. “Gangnam Style” – Psy

Source: udiscovermusic.com

We must not forget about the hit “Gangnam Style“, which broke all records in one period, and then disappeared. The performer’s full name is Park Jae-sang, and his dance steps have been performed all over the world. He was discovered by local producers in South Korea and his life changed radically after the release of the track – in 2012.

What’s most interesting about this track is the reason for the platform changes. Due to the record number of views, they had to change the display of numbers on the videos. They expanded it to a billion. At one time, this performer was known as the king of YouTube, because he raised a lot of dust on the world music scene.


You have all heard these tracks at least once, because they were played in all public facilities for a long time. They also count serious views on the platform. So, YouTube can help you prepare a delicious meal, write a homework, or repair a home appliance.

However, it will help you to spend quality free time and relax with great music hits. We cannot ignore the YouTubers who have contributed to the popularity of the platform. In the past few years, new platforms have appeared, but we all remember well the iconic video content.