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Why Squid Game Is The #1 Show In 90 Different Countries

by Nebojša Vujinović

Netflix has been a leading streaming networks world for a while now. We can say it’s for all the right reasons. For one, it has a focus set on global content. Right now it’s paying off in a big way. The sole reason at the moment is the Squid Game. This Korean show is not No.1 only in America and Korea but in 90 different countries all over the world.

Squid Game is the talk of the world right now, and it’s slowly becoming one of the major Netflix products since the inception of the network. When compared to other non-English shows on Netflix it is already ahead of likes of Lupin, and English ones like Bridgerton, and even The Witcher. Netflix first attracted international attention with shows such as Money Heist, but the Squid Game is on a whole another level. At the moment it is regarded as a viral sensation, and even people at Netflix didn’t expect immediate success and attention the show is receiving.

Source: bustle.com

Tracking the popularity of TV and streaming shows is a thing that most networks focus on, and with Squid Game, Netflix is making an immense breakthrough. In all the countries where there are measurements, this Korean TV show is number one. The only exception is Denmark, where the local show Chestnut Man is No.1. If you turn on your social media platforms, you’ll see that Squid Game is trending on most of them. Considering the proximity of Halloween, don’t be surprised if many people sport the costume from the show.

The show started with Season 1, and before airing, there was no certainty regarding the sequel. At this time, we can say that when you see all the reports on the show that Season 2 is already on the way. The ending of the first season is clear at this point that continuation is imminent. When you add the reception it received there’s no doubt it will shortly be announced. The first season was written and directed by only one man Hwang Dong-Hyuk. While this was possible to do, he already stated that for Season 2 he’s going to need much more help. Considering how popular the show became in so little time, Netflix will fulfill any wish Dong-Hyuk could possibly have.

Source: bustle.com

What’s left to see for both the fans of the shows and analytics is how long it can hold on to the No.1 spot. It is not an easy task considering how quickly new shows hit the network. The previous record-holder was the show titled manifest. This one was canceled after one season, but after it reigned for so long, and the pressure of fans it was renewed for another season. The Squid Game won’t need any pressure from fans and members of the public as it’s doing great on its own. No show became so popular so fast, so we can’t say what would happen in the future. It could disappear in ashes as once super popular Game of Thrones did. This was HBO but even the most popular shows could reach their demise.