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Sommer Ray’s Bikini Workout Will Make Your Blood Pump!

by Sinisav

Being quarantined isn’t easy. I know it, you know it, by now half the world know it. With little to do, we turn ourselves to social networks. Big thanks to the man who invented Instagram. Another big thanks to the mother of Sommer Ray for giving birth to this astonishing young lady.

Not only that, we can look at her insta pics all day, but it’s also that her posts have another value. Sommer takes good care of her body, and she’s willing to share her workout routine with us.

Sommer Ray

Source: instagram.com

This time around, she decided to do a set of outdoor workouts wearing nothing but a tine fluorescent green bikini. There’s more than exercises in this video that will raise your body temperature.

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The first part of the routine is easily done because she’s turned face towards the camera. But, the moment she turns around and her beautiful booty takes the stage, you will find it hard to follow.

But, if you manage, you should know that you will need small weights to make the best out of this training. The routine is short, but it will make your blood running. This is only one of the workouts among many Sommer Ray does daily. For more, you can check out her Instagram profile.

In a matter of days, this video collected more than 2.3 million views, and the number keeps growing. For more workouts like this, you should follow Sommer Ray, or you can follow our website as we are sure that we’ll follow her. No doubt about it!