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What is Rapid MailMerge and how to use it?

by Jajce d Muckic

Rapid MailMerge is an add-on created specifically for Google Sheets. By using this add-on, you will be able to send email campaigns right from your Google Sheets. All you will have to do is compose the email inside the add-on and merge the column values from the spreadsheet into the email. For example, “Hello + the name of the person”, will become “Hello Ethan”, when the column value of the ‘Name’ is ‘Ethan’. You will also be able to use the column values in the email subject line as well.

This add-on will also allow you to send attachments, hence you will be able to add an attachment to the email you are sending as well. Once you send the emails, Rapid MailMerge will update each row to show whether the email was sent or not. You will also have the opportunity to filter all the column values in the spreadsheet and send an email only to the contacts you have filtered. This allows you to be flexible in categorizing your contacts based on any column.

Rapid MailMerge does not have a limit on the number of emails that you can send, however, you should keep in mind that your Google account has a quota limit that applies. Of course, the add-on displays the quota limit and will stop sending emails when it reaches the limit. The add-on is free for all types of users, and you can use it for various things like, business, school, or important projects that you have to finish.

How to install Rapid MailMerge?

First things first, you will need to install the add-on. You can do so by simply searching for the add-on in the Google Store. Next, you will have to click the “Free/Install” button to actually add this to your browser. Google will, of course, take you through the steps to complete the installation, like it would with any other add-on or application. Once it is installed, it will be available in your Google Sheets Add-on menu.

Sending your first email campaign

According to gsmart.in, it is quite easy to handle this add-on, all you will have to do to start writing your email is open the Google Sheets that has all the email addresses, open the menu item “Add-ons”, then click on “Rapid MailMerge” to open it. Once it has opened, you will be able to start writing your email right away.

Using the fields

The value of the columns will be replaced with the values that you entered. Simply click the “fields” link to open the list of field boxes, and from there, you can easily copy and paste the fields you need in your emails. After you finish writing your mail, click the “preview” button in order to see how the mail will look like for the person receiving it. Once you have reviewed it and if you are satisfied with it, press the “send” button. Rapid MailMerge will start sending out the emails.

Img source: marketingland.com


This Google Sheets add-on will allow you to make the whole process of an email campaign more time-efficient, as well as less overwhelming for you. Hence, do not waste any more time and download the add-on today!