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Sofia Vergara Shares a Throwback Bikini Photo on Instagram

by Elsa Stringer

Star Columbian actress and former model Sofia Vergara, 47, has long been considered one of the most attractive and beautiful women in the world. Although she is approaching 50, she does not look a day over 30 and can compete with beauties twice younger than she is.

The brunette Hollywood bombshell shared an old photo of herself in which she is wearing a tiny black bikini. The top barely held in her breasts, while the mini bottoms sat so low that her flat stomach and sculpted abs were clearly visible.


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#tbt The 80’s Colombia❤️❤️

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She wore numerous bracelets and rings as accessories, looked straight at the camera, and put her hands on her hips for an intimidating and provocative pose. Whenever she treats her 18.9 million Instagram fans with a throwback photo like this, she reminds us that she has always had a stunning body.

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#tbt The 90’s Miami????

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Vergara is famous for her curves, hourglass figure, and long legs. In addition, she never wears anything that does not compliment her silhouette and figure. Her go-to outfits include skintight jeans that are her own brand, summer dresses and skirts, bikinis, and of course, high heels.

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The old timey photo was taken in Miami during the 1990s, as she noted in the caption. Her post currently sits at almost 300,000 likes and around 2,200 comments. In the recent weeks, she has shared quite a few more recent bikini photos in which she looks even better than 25 to 30 years ago!