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Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Beauty Secrets: How to Get the Perfect Body Fast

by Tracy Finke

Sofia Vergara, star of the “Modern Family” series, is a great expert on beauty tricks, and her knowledge has came from years spent in the world of showbiz. Here are some of her tips on how to stay in shape and how to achieve great looks.

Long walks

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Although she openly admits that she hates exercising and going to the gym, beautiful Sofia always finds the motivation to work out, especially when approaching a ceremony or an awards show. Because she is bored with the same exercise method quickly, she likes to change her exercises every six months.

That’s why she is boxing at the moment. She has been practicing twice a week for years now.

“I’m not twenty anymore, and I know that exercise makes a difference. It’s best seen in men and women who exercise. Things are starting to change, and all I can do is go exercise”, Vergara said on one occasion.

The 47-year-old actress is definitely best known for her curves, and her trainer Gunnar Peterson says Sofia is not a person who loves running and rarely does cardio workouts but loves walking.

This celebrity trainer loves to come up with intense but highly versatile workouts that take only 40 minutes. The first five minutes are all about warming up, followed by half an hour of intense HIIT workout in which the whole body works and five minutes of stretching at the end.

Balanced diet

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The actress says that she and her husband eat healthy, but adds that you will find sweets in their kitchen as well, because they like to keep their balance.

“I do have a lot of fruits and vegetables, and we cook fresh meats, but I also have ice cream and dessert, and we do that during the weekend. I try to control myself during the week,” Sofia explains.

Her trainer says the key to her enthralling figure is in a disciplined diet. To his clients, he always recommends avoiding alcohol and sugar late at night, as well as carbohydrate intake in the latter part of the day, especially if they are preparing for an important event.


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“I started applying sunscreen on my face when I was very young. I regret that I didn’t know you had to apply sun protection to your neck and chest”, Vergara said.

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Sunblock protects our skin from skin cancer, but also can also slow down signs of aging, such as wrinkles. Therefore, it is important to apply sunscreen to all parts of the body that will be exposed to the sun rays.

Effective anti-age ingredients

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“Like everyone else, I use retinol, but in smaller quantities. In addition to retinol, I use vitamin C, also moderately, and the body parts I try on many different products are chest and neck,” Sofia revealed.

Before putting makeup, she applies a cream with a protective factor, and before bedtime, she removes her makeup with a natural sponge that she changes once a week, after which she cleanses her face with mild soap.

“I also use sage oil for the face, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, nourishes the skin and gives it a special glow,” Sofia said.

Five meals a day

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Sofia Vergara’s diet is designed so that she does not lose her curves. She eats five meals a day, and each meal contains the proper measure of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. She has given up completely eating greasy fast food but occasionally eats ice cream and cookies. This is how she feeds when she needs to lose some pounds:

Breakfast – fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie with no fat.

Snack – dried fruit or milk beverage.

Lunch – pasta or rice with a low-fat sauce.

Snack – fresh fruit or oatmeal with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Sofia drinks a lot of water because she believes that water contributes to the reduction of fat tissue.

Dinner – consists mainly of protein from meat or fish with low-glycemic index carbohydrates like lettuce.