Tiny Snail Can’t Stop Juggling Baby Carrot Until Another Snail Comes!

by Tracy Finke

Nerite snails are very useful in the aquarium. They feed on algae and clean glass, decoration, and plants. This man has two nerite snails named Randolph and Mortimer. He offered them several types of food they were not interested in.

When he gave them the baby carrot, he found Randolph playing, spinning, turning it upside down.

He left the carrot for a week in the aquarium, during which time the snails ate it.

“I am a person who loves aquatic animals. I have saved many fish and aquatic pets, trying to show the world how cute fish, snails, prawns, and other species are. They have so many amazing features, and it’s fun to have them around”, the owner of this aquarium said.

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