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6 Strategies to Try When you Sleep With Someone Who is Snoring

by Jovica Radulovich

People snore while sleeping due to so many reasons, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they have some health issue that is causing that sound. It’s a result of the vibrations in your throat while the air flows there, as you breathe. We all snore at some point in your life, but in some cases, it can be a result of a temporary or permanent health condition. Usually, snoring occurs while we sleep on our back, because of the head position, and the neck that is mildly curved because of the pillow. Sleeping on your side can stop the problem, especially if you don’t have any other condition that is triggering that sound. Avoiding alcohol and eating before you go to bed can also be pretty helpful, and very often, overweight people snore more. Also, if they lose weight, it’s not a guarantee that the problem will stop immediately because it really needs some time until it’s resolved.

Some people snore more and louder than others. Sometimes we are the ones who are causing that noise during the night, but sometimes it’s a person we love and respect, and we share the room or the bed with them. The sound can be frustrating for those who struggle with sleeping at night, but there are also people who can still sleep tight, no matter the sound. Our reaction can be harsh to them, but keep in mind that they aren’t aware they are snoring, and you can’t be angry because of that. Surely, talking about the issue and resolving it as needed is one of the possible solutions, but it can take a lot of time, so you must find a way to sleep well at night.

Today, we won’t stick a lot to the triggers and ways to treat the condition, but we will try to help those who sleep together with the person who snores. You can check sleepapneazone.com to read more about this and find some practical solutions. And of course, we are suggesting to:

1. Wear earplugs

Source: healthline.com

This is the most practical solution, and it isn’t rude at all. It will eliminate most of the sounds around you, providing a high level of quietness so you can sleep better. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear completely soundproof plugs, so you can hear your alarm in the morning or any other sounds that alert you to wake up quickly. The drugstore plugs won’t mute the whole world around you, and they are affordable too. Also, it doesn’t cancel all the noises, so you are aware of all the other sounds, and snoring seems like something distant. Just a few dollars will save your nights, and prevent fights in the morning.

2. Try to focus on something else

You can listen to podcasts or guided meditation while sleeping, so you can distract from the snoring sound. Sometimes, being able to ignore what’s happening around you will save you a lot of nerves. It’s a challenge to train yourself for that, but it’s completely possible. Some people find comfort in that sound because it means their loved one is still breathing.

3. Ask them to move a little

Source: sleepdynamics.com

Without waking them up violently, politely ask to move to their side, or sleep on the stomach. Snorers usually sleep on their back, and that’s making the situation even worse. Even if you touch them a little, they can stop snoring, and be quiet until you are able to fall asleep again. When they change their position, they can stop snoring. Sometimes they can be aware of that, and move by themselves. In most cases, when there is no health issue, moving a little is all it takes for a quiet night.

4. Talk openly about the issue

And turn it into a joke. Snoring is not something that should be ignored, but also they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable because of that. Very often, people aren’t aware of their snoring during the night, and telling them openly is the first step to solve the problem. If it lasts very long, and you are exhausted due to lack of sleep, encourage them to visit their doctor and evaluate the problem. Be there to support your partner or family member in this journey, because it may happen that they suffer from sleep apnea, which requires treatment.

5. Sleep separated for a few days

Source: resmed.com.au

It’s nothing unusual if the partners sleep in separate rooms sometimes. This problem can’t be solved in a day or two, and those who are aware of it, won’t get angry if you decide to sleep in another room. You don’t need to feel bad about that decision. It may be a little frustrating, but you deserve to sleep tight a few nights in a row, so you can provide the needed support, and make your relationship stronger.

6. Get everything that can help

You can take a melatonin pill, or listen to white noise sounds on your phone. Keep in mind that your partner can be temporarily stressed and that can be a reason for them to snore. Maybe the white noise will help them relax better, and get rid of their stress and anxiety. We know it’s not easy for you, but it’s not for them too, especially if there is a health issue behind it.

The final words

Getting help is one step closer to completely resolve the issue. You can openly talk about it, and suggest they quit smoking, not drinking alcohol, or eat heavy meals in the evenings. It’s always a good idea to make an appointment with their doctor, so they can see if there is something wrong, so it can be easily treated on time. We hope that our suggestions will help you sleep better a few nights in a row, but they are not a complete solution for the problem. Ask your spouse to get some help, so you can save the relationship. It’s completely worth it, even though it can be a little uncomfortable at the beginning.